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Default Re: I keep forgetting this exists


The Mutual Autonomy

The HomestArmy series (2008):

Ironically Kiri is the only one without an avatar to follow. Maria (from Star Ocean 3) picked up the slack:

Of course:

Recruiting Banner

Banner for a member (Kentucky Fried Torchic)
The HomestArmy was kinda fun for a joke war overall. It was I believe the first one run by Charizard Michelle/Mike before it sorta fell apart after several runs. Ironically this seems to be the way the war itself was heading at that time as well.

But before I conclude the series:

Hirano Aya in her innocent (yet still legal) days in the HomestArmy

Embreon in the HomestArmy despite never being in it.

The Mafia Series (2007-2008):

More War stuff: Syndicate

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