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Default Re: Getting Started: READ FIRST!

Further Information

-Main Rules-
  • No Cheating. This is a game based on trust and we ask you to respect our rules.
  • Clone accounts are illegal and thus a one-way ticket to getting banned.
  • Inappropriate Behavior will result in disciplinary action.
  • Stealing or Plagiarizing from other members is a punishable offense.
  • If a staff members asks you something, please listen to and cooperate with them.

-What You Can Do-
  • Battles (PE2K | BMG | PWN)
    Battles between other members are the largest part of the URPG, and where you will earn the majority of your money. This is also the only way to evolve your Pokémon and earn badges.

  • Stories (PE2K | BMG | PWN)
    Writing Stories is the most traditional method to capture Pokémon in the URPG. Occasionally, there will be seasonal writing competitions for aspiring writers to enter and compete, where you can earn even more prizes.

  • National Park (PE2K | BMG | PWN)
    Roleplaying is another method for you to capture Pokémon in the URPG. You get to visit different areas to see different Pokémon and get to participate in a roleplay environment. This is also the only place where you get to see legendaries. Occasionally, there are special Park Events where you get to participate in special roleplays/runs or win special items.

  • Contests (PE2K | BMG | PWN)
    Contests are a RSE classic where you get to play with other members, giving your Pokémon a chance to earn a ribbon. With accumulated Contest Credits (CCs), you also get to purchase Berries, Scarfs, or even Pokémon with them!

  • Art Gallery (PE2K | BMG | PWN)
    If you're an aspiring artist or are just looking to whip out your brushes and whatnot to draw some fantastic Pokémon arts (in whatever medium possible), do head over to the newest section of URPG!

Some other threads of importance are:
  • The PokeMart (PE2K | BMG | PWN), where you can spend money to buy Items, TM/HM/BM/MT/SMs, Dream World Ability, and even some Pokémon.
  • Trading Machine (PE2K | BMG | PWN), where you can trade your Pokémon with other Trainers.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the URPG Related Chat (PE2K | BMG | PWN). But please, read the rest of the rules because your question might have already been answered here.

Becoming a member puts you as a Trainer for your position. You may move up to other positions based on performance and activity.

-URPG Board Overview-

General: For rules, stats, and general URPG related threads.
Marketplace: Pokemart, quizzes, contests, and wages are in this sub-board.
Trainer's Court: Only important cases for serious discussion about URPG related material.
Trainer Stats: Post your Pokemon stats here.
Battles: For reffing formula, gym requests, current Referees and battle results ONLY.
Forum Battles: For battling and challenging members on the forum if you cannot afford a messenger.
Tournaments: Find the latest tournaments here.
Stories: This is where you write your URPG story and capture Pokémon.
Library: Where exceptional stories are archived.
National Park: A roleplaying environment in which you write and battle to catch Pokemon.
Ranger Logs: Posting results of park expeditions.
Main Pokemon RP: Where trainers can travel together into the Park.
Individual Pokemon RP: Where trainers experience their own adventures.
Contests: Contest style battles like the games.
Forum Contests: Like Forum Battles, you have contests over the forum.
Contest Results: For judging formula, methods, current Judges and contest results/logs.
Art Gallery: URPG's newest section. Draw Pokemon in whatever mediums possible to capture them.

Staff: URPG's secret board for exclusive members. ;)

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