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Default Re: Seeing is Believing, your thoughts

Originally Posted by Japoro
damn, I want to see that episod... is it far into the pokemon advance shows?

Oh man, I feel for you. I feel the same way in America, there's so much stuff being shown in Japan, like Ash's 'other gym battles', May's contests, and reading about it on Serebii is not the same as seeing it. Japan is like 46 or so episodes ahead of us, as in what we saw here today was broadcasted nearly a year ago in Japan. Boy, Japan is a day ahead and a year ahead of us in Pokemon. I'll be glad when Ash finally gets off 'Survivor Pokemon Dewford Island' and get back on the road, sheesh, battle Brawley already!

But yeah, the fact of Jessie not knowing Cascoon/Silcoon and Meowth parading around in a Beautifly outfit is PRICELESS and good hearted laughing. It's also a sight to see Birch rolling around with Seedot and Max's tender side to Pokemon. May also had a great side to defend her Pokemon.
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