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Default Re: Masters of Cinema

Review tiem.

Movie Title: Dude, Wheres my Car?
Year Released: 2000
Director: Danny Leiner
Cast: Ashton Kutcher - Jesse Montgomery III , Seann William Scott - Chester Greenburg, Jennifer Garner - Wanda, Marla Sokoloff - Wilma

After waking up with a hangover and no idea how they got to Jesse's place, they find Jesse's car gone, and along with it, their girlfriends anniversary presents. They set off to find the present, and indirectly save the universe.

I found the acting was pretty well done, I liked Ashton Kutcher's role as a stoner, he can do that role pretty well Truthfully, everyone played their role very well, even the dog in the zen garden scene.

CGI Animation:
There wasn't any animation that I know of, but there was a decently done photoshopping job when the five aliens merged into one large one and it stomped around chasing Jesse and Chester.

Two potheads (Kutcher as Jesse, and Scott and Greenburg) awake in Jesse's house with huge hangovers and no idea how they got there. They leave the house and Jesse's car is gone, along with the anniversary presents for their girlfriends. They begin to retrace their steps to figure out what happened. Along the way they run into many other characters and encounter some funny situations. Then, Chester activates the continuum transfunctioner, which will destroy the universe when the timer runs out. They encounter two groups of aliens who want the cube, but eventually decide to give it to the two men who deactivate the cube and tell them what they did last night. Then, the other group of aliens turns into a giant angry female alien. They destroy the alien and then the two men reverse time too the beginning of the movie. Jesse finds his car behind a parked mailtruck, and it was there the entire time. Then, they go to their girlfriends, and find that the two men left them special presents for their girlfriends.

I'd present this movie no 8/10. Good overall, had a lot of funny parts that still make me laugh despite watching it countless times, but it did have it's few flaws. Definably a movie you should all watch.

Thanks Mw!
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