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Default Brutaka's Pokemon Sprite Request Shop

~I'm BrutakaBlaziken, and this is my shop.~
Approved by Anastasia-R!
~Anyone who requested will get their request in about a week when I get back on. (hopefully)
~Shop is approved!~
~The shop is now CLOSED~

1. Give credit.
2. All general rules.
3. No spamming! Only a response to the art provided, and the request itself.
4. Follow the forms!
5. Only 4th gen Pokemon and under for now.
6. If it's not there, don't ask.
7. Please leave a comment after you get the order.
8. Don't complain if your banned-that'll only make it worse.
9. Break any rule, you'll be banned for some time.
10. If your banned, no posts here!
11. Break rule #7, and expect a notification from an administrator.
Evil Pokemon
-Extra notes:

Banner #1
-center Pokemon (1):
-generation (1, 2, 3, 4):
-dimensions (length by width):
-background color(s):

Banner #2
-Text content:
-Background color
-Text color:

Embered Pokemon
-Extra notes:

Ice Statues
-Extra notes:

-Base Pokemon:
-Extra Pokemon(s):
-Whose Colors?:
-Extra notes:

-Colors: (color or other pokemon)
-Extra notes:

-Color: (gold or silver):
-Extra notes:

~None so far~

~Okay, request away~
My request shop!

Click 'em please!

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