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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

The Hidden Elite Four of Sinnoh

Elite Four Birch
Grass and Bug

Kriketune Lv 78
Sceptile Lv 76
Venusaur Lv 79
Torterra Lv 75
Yanmega Lv 78
Vespiquen Lv 77

Starting Speech: "Hahahaha! I will defeat you in the name of Hoenn!"
Ending Speech (Birch win): "Hoenn is victorious yet again! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Ending Speech (Birch lose): "What?! No! Well, I best not dream too far ahead. Good luck, trainer."
Ending Speech (draw): "Hmm..... we both did our best."

Prize money, items, etc. (if any)

To be finished


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