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Default Solara Hideki's Gijinka Sprite Shop


As for introductions I am SolaraHideki. I love to sprite and I decided to take Pokémon Gijinka's to a whole new level. A Pokémon Gijinka is basically a human styled Pokémon with their outfits, hair, etc., resembling the Pokémon itself. I took this idea and decided to make Gijinka Sprites.

Here's an example of what I can do:

The example above is a Sneasel Gijinka.

Next I have a Gardevoir Gijinka Overworld:

And here's my Gallade Gijinka Overworld:

Here's how you can request a Sprite Gijinka:

Pokémon: (What Pokémon do you want me to fuse with a human)

Gender of Gijinka: (Male or Female)

And that's it! Now send in your requests.

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