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Default Re: Shock's Judging Log

R/S/E Standard
Great Festival
AIM Festival

Covet pwns. ETR's a startling *****.

SLC and Linoone (w/ 675) get $4,000 and a Normal Cute Ribbon
Haze and Ursaring (w/ 532) get $3,500
TO and Bronzong (w/ 410) get $3,000
LS and Electrode (w/ 380) get $2,500
Husnain and Gengar (w/ 340) get $2,000
Blank and Vespiquen (w/ 100) get $1,500
ETR and Crobat (w/ 40) get $1,000

I get $4,500 for judging.
Paired with the amazing and wonderful Tsuki. <3

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