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Default Team Atlas - We're here to save you!

I've finally started my service. I started on my new game yesterday and I'm through half of the game (Not the first time I played it) And so far, I'm a Riolu level 32 and my partner is a Skitty (I want Delcatty) level 31 or 32..

Plus the two other members that can help me...
Absol, level 30.
Weavile, level 29.

I accept most rescue requests.
But, I will have you know something. I do appreciate a reward for a rescue, is not mandatory unless the rescue is on a floor above the eighth. Good deal, am I right? Well, I hope it sounds as good to you guys as it does to me.

Below the eighth floor, I don't need a reward, just a good thank-you.

So, start sending them to me now! I can start tomorrow!
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