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Default Early Morning Adventure [ready for grading...]

Notes: My first ever URPG story, one of my first stories, period. Alec is my Vulpix, and Sunshine is what I’ll call the Igglybuff if I get it. And I do realize the titles a fail... I can't come up with titles... Oh, and I'm open to suggestions from anyone, in fact they're appreciated, as I'd like to improve my writing.
Trying For: Igglybuff
Difficulty: Simple (5k-10k)
Characters (with spaces): 8, 810
Characters (without spaces): 7, 137


I sat there on my bed, thinking about everything and nothing at once. I was having trouble sleeping again tonight. It was 3:34 AM my alarm clock said. “I really gotta get some sleep…” I mumbled to myself. I got up to go to the washroom and fix my hair. Hum… A walk always seems to help calm me down… Maybe I’ll go. I thought to myself. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen, turned on the light but quickly turned it back off… It’s so bright… Where’s that bloody flashlight? I felt around for a flashlight, eventually finding one. I turned it on, and pointed it in front of me. I walked down the hallway, looked down and around for my shoes, finding my Vans and slipping them on. I opened the front door trying to not make a sound, and slipped outside.

I started walking on the gravel of the driveway when I heard the sound of something… Or could it be someone? I shone the flashlight towards the bushes, following the line of the bushes looking for what it was. After a while, I gave up and continued walking. I came up to the dirt road we lived on. I shone the flashlight both ways, trying to decide which way would be the best to go. I decided to go to the right, up towards the end of the road, and near the hiking-trail. I walked for maybe 3 minutes then heard it again, another thing shuffling around in the bushes. What’s that this time? I decided to follow it since the bushes weren’t very thick where I was, plus it might be fun. I walked down into the ditch, and saw two red eyes glowing where my flashlight shone. “Hey!” I shouted out, seeing if the thing would run or approach me. It just stood there, and stared. Its eyes showed worry. I started to walk up the other side of the ditch, approaching the creature. It took a step back. I slipped on the mud and fell. “Crap…” I looked down and tried to wipe the mud off my pajamas. “Fun, mum won’t be to happy… And probably will yell at me for walking at 4 AM again…” I got back up and walked the up, this time being more careful. I walked up to the bush, and surveyed the area with my flashlight. I saw a flash of something pink. I assumed it was whatever I saw earlier, and it seemed to be pretty small, so, I didn’t think it to be of much danger. I pulled out my only full Pokeball, being my starter, Alec the Vulpix, and sent him out to walk beside me. Maybe the thing would be calmer if there was another Pokemon around? I said in a low voice, squatting down, “Hey Alec,” He looked up. “Go and see what that was…” I gave Alec a pat on the head. Alec ran up ahead, and made a weird cry, it worried me. I started to walk a little faster, trying to catch up to Alec, and whatever the other thing was, when I tripped over a branch. God, I’m such a klutz… Mud, and now a branch? Come on… Then I remembered what I was doing. “Alec!” I said worried where he was. He hadn’t come back. I quickly got up, stepped over the branch I just tripped over, and shone the flashlight around frantically searching for Alec. “Alec. Alec!” I shouted. I heard someone say something, but couldn’t make out what it was. I walked towards the voice… Well, voices I now realized. What sounded to be a girl and a guy. I could see a light and worried that there might be something going on I don’t want to get, I shut off the flashlight. Now I was just by moonlight and the faint light that I was walking towards.

“Get over here!” I could hear a male voice say. “There’s 2… Pokemon over here!”

“Just a sec, I think I saw something over there.” The female voice said. I ducked down to try and avoid being spotted.

“Hurry up!” The male voice said aggressively.

“Fine…” The female said, as she turned around. I stood back up, feeling like a Ninja. Super Ninja Desy! I thought to myself, trying to keep from giggling. I ran over behind a tree where I could see the 2 people. They were holding two Pokeballs. Alec and what I could now see what was a Igglybuff were standing in front of the 2 people, their backs to me.

“Alec!” I shouted, which I soon realised was a mistake. So much for Super Ninja Desy, more like Fail Ninja…

“Who’s there?!” The male shouted, spinning around. Alec’s head instantly snapped up to attention, He looked for me, but I had a half-decent hiding place. Alec looked around some more then turned to the Igglybuff. I looked down at my watch. Crap… It’s already 4:30? I need to get Vulpix back… And like now. I looked back up at Alec and the Igglybuff. Alec gave the Igglybuff a nudge with its nose. They must be communicating… It’s then that I realized Igglybuff had a scratch along its side, jagged and bloody. Aww, the poor Igglybuff… I wonder if it’s friendly enough that I could bring it to the PokeCenter…
“Huh? Who’s there? Show yourself!” The female said. I decided that maybe I could get Alec back, and hopefully help that poor Igglybuff, quicker if I was able to tell Alec what to do. I stepped out from the tree.

“Who are you?” I said. No reply. “Alec, get over here!” Alec trotted to my side, the Igglybuff oddly following it. The 2 people were in darkness, so I couldn’t see who they were, even if they had actual Pokemon, mind you I saw the Pokeballs earlier so I’m guessing they might.
“Go! Butterfree!” The male called out. Well, that confirms my guess of them having Pokemon… The male stepped forward into the light, and I could now see that he was around the age of 25, and seemed to be bad… Looks like I’m going to have to battle him.

“Hey Alec, ya wanna go fight him?!” Alec went running out into the light, towards the Butterfree, sending up some dust behind him.

“Butterfree! Use Gust!” Butterfree sent a gust of wind swirling towards Alec.

“Alec! Flamethrower on Butterfree! As hard as you can!” Alec sent a line of flames towards the Butterfree. Butterfree tried to avoid the flames but, Alec was too quick for it.
“Butterfree! Use Confusion!” Butterfree sent a rainbow beam towards Alec and it hit him. Alec stumbled around. Suddenly the Igglybuff hopped out into the light, near where Alec was stumbling around confused. Igglybuff started to sing.

“Igglybuff, Iggly-yy buff, Igglybuff Iggly…” It sang. The Butterfree started to drift off. I put my hands over my ears so I wouldn’t hear the song. Alec also drifted off, along with the 2 people we were battling. When Igglybuff stopped singing, I ran up to Alec and kneeled down beside him.

“Alec!” I said worried. Igglybuff waddled beside me. I gave the Igglybuff a pat on the head. “Hey there little guy.”

“Iggly!” The Igglybuff said while shaking Alec. I pulled out Alec’s Pokeball.

“Alec, return!” I called Alec back. “Hey… I wonder…” Oh. My. God. I just found the solution for my sleeping problem. This cute little pink dude and her cute little song.

“Little dude…” I said to the Igglybuff. I lifted her up onto my lap. I took a look at the scratch and pulled out a Potion and healer from my pocket. “Here ya go…” I grabbed a Pokeball. “Hey sweetie, you want to come home with me?” I took the Pokeball and offered it to the Igglybuff.

“Iggly… Buff?” She said. I think I’ll name her… Sunshine. Her name will be Sunshine. I took the Pokeball and enclosed Igglybuff in it. It shook a little.

Come on my Sunshine, be my friend…

/\Made by Male Snorunt/\
Male Snorunt x Xera
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