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Thumbs down The Last Exorcism

Movie Title: The Last Exorcism
Year Released: 2010
Director: Daniel Stamm
Patrick Fabian as Reverend Cotton Marcus
Louis Herthum as Louis Sweetzer
Ashley Bell as Nell Sweetzer

Story/Plot: The Last Exorcism is about Reverend making a documentary to prove that people who think are possessed aren't. That was until he went to the Sweetzer house to help Nell with what her father believed is being taken over by a demon. The story telling though was done like Paranormal Activty/Blair Witch-style. The way the plot was told though was done horrible, many times my friends were asking me what was going on becasue they got lost really fast. Not only did that suck, but the ending made me scratch my head asking my self "WTF?" with no back story on what was going on.

Acting: Most of the acting was good, Nell and a few other main characters could acted a little more scared. In fact; they all didn't seem to be scared on what was going on.

CGI Animation: Their was a tiny bit of CGI with Nell being "taken over" and some at the end. It was done very well - it all looked "real".

Overall: I'm a huge horror fan and this made me scratch my head a lot. I understood what was happening but for some reason the film director felt the need to not explain what was going on at all. I would say for you NOT to see this movie. There were the odd spook and some funny bits in there but other then that, the ending basically ruined the movie. I give this movie 5/10!


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