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Default Re: WiFi and GTS -{ Q and A }-

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
Is anyone else having problems connecting to Wifi using Pearl or Diamond??

EDIT: Nvm it seemed that wifi was down as I'm sure many of you figured out the hard way like I did.
trippy^ actually I think it must have been on Nintendo WiFi connections End.. before i went to work I was told by RavenStyles about the WiFi and i tried to get on both the WiFi union room & GTS on both my Diamond and SS and NoGo..
so I that leads me to believe they might have been server cleaning and or something.. i tried it just now and everything seems fine..

ALSO its Sunday morning.. has anyone else that is a GTS kloner have had problems since NWFC went down had trouble kloning.. I cannot for the life of me klone using the GTS anymore.. not even one junkmon... anybody.??

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