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Default Added on to my idea everyone should really check out what I have so far

Hey everyone okay so far this is what I have from your suggestions.

The tournament will involve all of the clans if possible. I would like to have it run on wifi, shoddy and pokemon online.

The tournament will have five tiers for the wifi part of the tournament. Those tiers will consist of Uber, Ou, Uu, Nu, Nfe. Each clan will be allowed to enter up to two members per tier. Clans do not need to in all the tiers if they choose not to it is optional, but I would recommend that they enter them all that way they could have a better chance of winning the tournament for their clan. This tournament will place the top three placers, and they will receive a prize in which they will get to pick from and they will also receive a banner for winning the tournament. (I am currently working on the banners right now.) This tournament will also place the top three teams as well. What I mean by that is that each team will get points for each match someone in their clan wins. And the top three teams will receive a team banner in which they could distribute to their members for being on the one of the top teams. I will also try and find out if there can be more I can give to the team that wins the tournament, like maybe a point or so in the pe2k clan standings possibly. All clans that enter this tournament will need to submit a rooster to me on who they are entering in the tournament. If a member wants to battle on wifi, they can only be in one of the tiers no more then that, that way the other members of their clan can enter as well. A member may enter the wifi, shoddy, and pokemon online part of the tournament if they wish to, but they don't have to if they choose not to. Clan leaders may enter the tournament if they choose to as well.

The way the tournament is going to run is each person entered will be placed in a bracket. I am going to place all the names in a hat and randomly select them out of the hat to do the bracket. If I happen to draw up two people from the same clan one after another the second member drawn will be placed back in the hat and I will redraw from the hat that way no one will versus a fellow clan member in the first round. The semi-finals and finals matches will be the best two out three that way if say you just made a dumb move or something you might be able to come back and win the other matches.

I will be asking that if you could record the matches either with the battle recorder or with a video camera, so that way I could post the matches up on the thread so people could see who won. I mainly want the matches from the semi-finals and finals. I will state the rules of each tournament as we get closer to the tournament date. This tournament will be either during the Winter near Christmas time or during the Summer next year. Which ever has a lot of activity.

I am up for suggestions on what the prizes should be for the champions of the tournament. Also if there is any questions anyone might have feel free to post a response or you can pm me if you want. I think that is about all I have to add for now, I should be updating this tomorrow night if I can think of anything or if I get some suggestions that sound good.

Could a mod please approve this tournament and when I make the tournament thread if you agree to it, could you sticky the tournament thread possibly? Also any mod that might be able to answer this question it would be greatly appreciated. Do you think that the team that wins the tournament overall could get a point or so in the pe2k clan standings? Like one point for each of the tournaments maybe? Let me know what everyone thinks including any and all mods thanks for your time. - Charizard ex

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