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Default Re: kind of crazy idea that might work

Originally Posted by SLCalamity View Post
This wouldn't be an amazingly bad idea; however, I think it would work better if 2 people from each clan entered each 'event' - OU, NU, UU etc. It would make it more even on points, thus making it more exciting.
Yea that is a pretty good idea. Yea we could have like the clans enter two people in UU, then have them enter two more in OU and so on. But I think it should be optional, if they choose to enter there members into the different tiers. So I think it should be Uber, OU, BL, UU, NU, NFE. What does everyone thing? Like I honestly thought about this idea last night. I would like to hear all of your input on this idea, especially the clan leaders that way it would be easier to see if the different clans would like to enter. I am going to get my clan up and running so that they can participate in this tournament. If I get enough positive feedback about this or structive ideas about this possible tournament, I will start researching info to use to make this tournament run smoothly, I will even try and get some good prizes pokes to give to the winners and get like a banner for the winner of the tournament, and for the clan that wins the tournament. If this tournament gets up and running I will make a thread to see what poke people might want. Whether it be a shiny, ev trained, iv breed or a combination of all three, or a rare event. I look forward to hearing your input everyone.

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