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Default Re: kind of crazy idea that might work

@Mr420- I have not recently been on wifi so thanks for telling me that wifi is not that good right now.

@Tsujin- Yea well maybe we can start advertising it and work out the flaws and stuff like that so that way when the tournament starts we won't have that many problems with it.

@BlueJello- That's good I think after I get a little more feedback on this I will talk to a mod or admin or whoever I will need to talk to about this getting approved by and whoever I might need to contact. I think though I would like to advertise this tournament if it gets approved.

I think it would be a good idea to open it up to shoddy and pokemon online as well. If that were to happen though, I would need some help with the pokemon online rules and regulations and for shoddy I would need to know the same info. I am willing to host the tournaments on my own if I have to I have no problem with that, I would just like for everyone to be able to co-operate with each other peacefully and in a timely manner. Also Hopefully we can advertise it and get all the banners and prizes up before the tournament even starts up, that way I don't have to try and find prizes last minute for everyone.

Also to answer your question Blue Jello, well I will have to talk with mods about the teams getting points on the pe2k standings. I think only the championship team should receive any points though and the runner up team in the tournament. What does everyone think about that? I will be posting another thread in a couple of days or so if I get permission from a mod to host the tournament. But I'm thinking of maybe have the tournament during the summer next year that way it has more then enough time to get the attention of members and they won't have any reason to miss the sign-up deadline and also so that it will hopefully be when people are more active on this website.

I just edited the thread with some of the new ideas. Let me know what everyone thinks

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