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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

6 down, 2 to go. This gym won't have a made-up TM.

Gym 7

Gym name: Selera Gym
Type: Flying
Bird Keeper Robert
Opening quote:"Soar up to the sky my lovely pokemon."

Moves:Poison fang Screech Supersonic Bite

Moves:Mirror move Assurance Aerial ace Agility

Defeating quote:"But then it will crash down to the ground."
Prize money:$1,001
Afterwards quote:"Flying is the most peaceful displays around the world."

Bird Keeper Donald
Opening quote:"Flying is the type of this gym. It's also tough."

Moves:Whirlwind Quick attack Twister Growl

Moves:Wing attack Whirlwind Sand-attack Twister

Moves:Agility Wing attack Featherdance Quick attack

Defeating quote:"Oh yea, wait till there are others ahead."
Prize money:$1,002
Afterwards quote:"Wait till you battle Violet. She's awfully tougher than all of us."

Picnicker Diana
Opening quote:"I love Flying pokemon. Do you?"

Moves:Quick attack Whirlwind Gust Featherdance

Moves:Drill peck Aerial ace Agility Leer

Moves:Psybeam Silver wind Supersonic Poisonpowder

Defeating quote:"I still don't know so. You will let me know, right?"
Prize money:$659
Afterwards quote:"Whenever you're ready, let me know."

Camper Scott
Opening quote:"I camp with my Flying pokemon. It's a relaxation of a lifetime."

Moves:Reflect Extrasensory Zen headbutt Air slash

Defeating quote:"Although, it can be a little nightmare."
Prize money:$659
Afterwards quote:"I love my Noctowl smiling. It's called happiness."

Cool Trainer Alexia
Opening quote:"Bring it on."

Moves:Silver wind Mach punch Swift Reflect

Moves:Water pulse Wing attack Supersonic Protect

Defeating quote:"You did and I lost. That's embarassing for me."
Prize money:$2,500
Afterwards quote:"Move on to our gym leader. She's way tougher than us."

Gym Leader Violet
Opening quote:"Hello, trainer. You love pokemon, don't you? My name is Violet, the Selera City Gym. Flying Pokemon is all about love, embrace, peace. That's why I love them. Now that you're here, I'm ready for your battle. Prepare to lose."

Moves:Omnious wind Silver wind Roost Quick attack

Moves:Water pulse Psybeam Signal beam Roost

Moves:Aerial ace Roost Double team Steel wing

Moves:Calm mind Dark pulse Aerial ace Roost

Moves:Shadow ball Aura sphere Sky attack Roost

Defeating quote:"You showed that you and your pokemon flew through this battle like the love, the embrace, and the peace. I love that when I battle trainers like that."
Prize money:$4,500
Afterwards quote:"Since you showed tremendous work out there, you deserve the Soar Badge. With the Soar Badge, you can HM08 Rock Climb, plus even pokemon that you got from trading will obey you no questions asked. I want you to have this as well. TM51 Roost. Roost is very useful for Flying Pokemon. It can heal them up to halfway. Good Luck. We should battle again sometime."

One more to go now! Been through a long way.