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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Rawr, that really sucks! I wanted that to be Koromori's evo! ;~;

Edit: I also heard that there will be a new cat for this region, like Meowth for Kanto, Skitty for Hoenn, & Glameow for Sinnoh. It's supposed to be purple.. I guess? I dunno, but if its a good Mon then I'll catch it!

Edit... again: So I THINK I may have found Kibago's evo, if you look at Ononokusu's face close up on Bulbapedia, they have a close up pic, it also has a thing in it's mouth like how Kibago has a tusk-like thing. Except insteak of a tusk, it's a blade! :O
One last Edit: I found something that reminds me of a Pachi-pre evo. I know it's fake but still! Look at it! >.<
Fun fact time!:L
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