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Default Pe2k Olympics Tournament

Hello everyone my idea behind this is to get all the clans involved to have a pokemon Olympics. I know there is a clan that is only pokemon online and hey we can have that as part of the tournament too. I want to have three different events for the Olympics. The events are wifi battles, pokemon online battles, and shoddy battles. This tournament will be by different tiers. OU, UU, NU and NFE. Those are the tiers the tournament will be run by. Each clan can only enter 2 members per tier and also like for example say I choose to enter member Fred, I can not enter Fred in all the wifi tiers Fred can only enter one of the wifi tiers, but I could enter Fred in a tier on wifi, shoddy and pokemon online. The prizes are still up for debate right now. The top three people from each competiton will receive a banner for placing. I am going to also be placing the top three clans as well. I will be giving the top three clans banners as well for doing so well. Each person that wins a match moves on in the tournament, but also gets the clan points in the tournament.

How to participate:

You must be in a clan to enter. You must have your clan leader submit your name in the rooster that your clan leader will submit to me.


If you have any suggestions then please feel free to message me.

This tournament was approved by Finch

Also this is not the tournament thread this is just to advertise the tournament and to get some feedback about it

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Help get the pe2k Olympics approved by the mods

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