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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

I'm not sure if I want the evos to be real xD

Tsutaja's is pretty cool, but I was hoping it'd wouldn't actually be a snake. Then again, it is a "grass snake Pokemon" so expected that anyway. I like the middle evo (seems to be a running theme for me xD) so I probably won't evolve it past that. =)

Mijumaru's final evo looks completely out of place, but by itself, I think it looks the coolest out of the three.

Don't like Pokabu's middle evo. The final one's okay. I think it's just that goofy face that bugs me. xD

It's so exciting that the games are going to be released soon. I think I might stop checking news when they are, though. I'd like the rest of the Pokemon to be surprises. Gotta have something interesting to look forward to when they're finally released out here. xD
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