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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by SuperSaiyajin4Gengar View Post
Maybe it's final evo has to be Grass/Dragon and that would be great.
Originally Posted by dimondgirlofthefuture View Post
That, my friend, would be totally awesome. And yes, Minezumi looks much more interesting & useful than Bidoof
Haha, there are lots of people who would love it, and I'm one of them. If that's how it turns out I'll DEFINITELY be choosing Taja as my Starter, which I was pretty much planning on doing anyways, but still XD. Also, this is going to conflict with my rant later in the post about Dragons being x4 weak to Ice, but still, a Grass/Dragon Mon would be epic, despite the weakness.

OMMFG FINALLY A PURE FLYING MON!!! But why'd it have to be a Legend? D: Oh well, I'm just happy they FIIIIIINALLY made one.

And dear GOD that's an assload of Legends! That seems like overkill imo, because I agree they should have stuck to two or three Legends with deep back-stories instead of randomly flinging around ten. MY THOUGHTS ON THEM IF ANYONE CARES 8D:

o #638 is a Steel/Fighting-type Legendary
o #649 is a Bug/Steel-type Event Legendary
o #647 is a Water/Fighting-type Event Legendary
o #640 is a Grass/Fighting-type Legendary
o #639 is a Rock/Fighting-type Legendary

Was it really necessary to have two of these guys share half Steel-type and four of them share half Fighting-type? Sure, Steel/Fighting and Rock/Fighting make Flying move neutral, but both 647 and 640 especially are weak to Flying.They should have really made at least one but preferably two of the four half Fighting Mon pure Fighting. The only thing I can think of is that they might be some sort of Fighting group or something. Maybe that's their back story.

o #641 is a Pure Flying-type Legendary

It should be obvious from above how I feel about this one lol. It's about EFFING time Nintendo gave us a pure Flying Mon, though I'm irritated it's a Legend. At least it's not an Event Legend, which is something to be thankful for.

o #642 is an Electric/Flying-type Legendary

I really hope this isn't some Zapdos knock-off :/.

o #645 is a Ground/Flying-type Legendary

GLISCOR IS A LEGEND ONOEZ. But seriously, I think we have more than enough Legends with the Flying type now.

o #646 is a Dragon/Ice-type Legendary

YAY ANOTHER DRAGON NOT x4 WEAK TO ICE! It might be a Legend but at least Kingdra's not alone lol. Well there was Dialga and Palkia, but it was still a small group lol. Still, I would have preferred to have seen this typing be more available; hopefully we'll get another non-Legendary Ice/Dragon Mon, though I'm not gonna hold my breath over it. It's just that I'm getting sick of seeing Dragons almost ALWAYS being x4 weak to Ice, but all the ones that aren't are freaking Legends. I WANT A DRAGON OTHER THAN KINGDRA THAT ISN'T A LEGEND AND DOESN'T HAVE A x4 WEAKNESS TO ICE IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK GEEZ. /rant

o #648 is a Normal/Psychic-type Event Legendary

oO Nintendo is having fun randomly combining the Normal-type with the other 16. Well, it's not too strange, seeing as we have Girafirig, and it sure as heck isn't as weird as Fire/Psychic (which does actually make sense because of pyrokinesis, but still, it just seems like a strange pairing of types).

When it's all said and done, Nintendo is going overboard with Legends to begin with, but they're taking it to the extreme with all the dual-type Legends. Why not make things simple and make more pure Legends? IMO it makes more sense for a Legend to be a single type; it makes it seem more like a Legend of the type it represents. Look at Suicune. It wouldn't be the same if it were like, Ice/Water.

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