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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Some interesting stuff in a Japanese magazine today.

Isshu is confirmed to be based on New York.

There's also an interview with a few of the designers for Pokemon. It's an interesting read to see what they were thinking of when making them:
The state or the city?
Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer View Post
Guys, Serebii just got cleared to release stuff.

* There are 156 new Pokémon within this generation; 153 within normal gameplay and further 3 event Pokémon (#647, #648 & #649) that will be distributed in a manner similar to Darkrai, Shaymin & Arceus in the previous generation
* In regards to a few numbers and details;
o #633 through #635 are a Dark/Dragon-type evolution chain
o #638 is a Steel/Fighting-type Legendary
o #639 is a Rock/Fighting-type Legendary
o #640 is a Grass/Fighting-type Legendary
o #641 is a Pure Flying-type Legendary
o #642 is an Electric/Flying-type Legendary
o Reshiram is to be #643
o Zekrom is to be #644
o #645 is a Ground/Flying-type Legendary
o #646 is a Dragon/Ice-type Legendary
o #647 is a Water/Fighting-type Event Legendary
o #648 is a Normal/Psychic-type Event Legendary
o #649 is a Bug/Steel-type Event Legendary
* In Hiun City, the boats will take you to various islands.

Fighting and Bug legendaries, a Dark/Dragon line, and a pure Flying type. HALLE-FRIGGING-LUJA
Holy mother of laughter! That's too many legends! What happened to the time when we only had 5? =\ I liked that.

And whoa, seeing anything above 600 is a little scary. o.O Gotta catch them ALL?
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