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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by Pokebeach
Other Pokemon Information

* In total there are now 649 Pokemon (with formes and everything there sure are a lot more!). This generation has eclipsed the first generation in terms of the number of Pokemon - it has 156 brand new Pokemon! You think they would have added ONE MORE to make it 650, but alas. :p Melkor first revealed these numbers last week.
* There are two fossils - a turtle and a bird.
* There are a pair of Bug/Steel Pokemon (a spider and a bug with knight armor), a Grass/Steel Pokemon, and a Steel/Dark Pokemon (nicknamed "Power Ranger" because it resembles one).
* Seven Poison Pokemon are new. Three of them are #543/#544/#545 (Bug/Poison), a mushroom and his evo (unknown numbers), and a pure Poison type and his evo (unknown numbers). The pure Poison-type is described as "interesting to say the least."
* There is a Grass/Steel Pokemon that looks like a metal ball with green spikes. When it evolves tentacles come out.
* A Grass/Poison mushroom Pokemon is also new.
* Seven new Ice-types are in the game - the Dragon/Ice Legendary, a polar bear and its evolution (which is described as "cute and fierce"), a three-stage line, and a standalone Ice-type.
* New types (of Pokemon that have not been revealed yet above) include Water/Ghost, Fire/Ghost, and Fighting/Dark.
* There are no evolutions or pre-evolutions of existing Pokemon in this generation, meaning Mamanbou is not Luvdisc's evolution (tragic!). This is the first generation without any Pokemon ties to previous generations.
* There are no split-evolution Pokemon (like Gloom into Vileplume and Bellossom).
I'm sad that the fossils aren't dinosaurs :(
(if this is all true, that is)
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