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Default Main RP: Incident Board

Credits to Morru Magnum.

So, your Trainer caught the Botanic Gardens on fire. Or maybe they caused a massive avalanche at Mt. Oktori. Whenever something major happens, Rangers must post here outlining the incident. This is because the incident might affect other Trainers if they're in the same area or come to it right after the incident takes place.

Fill out the following form each time you post:

Trainer's Name:

Depending on what the incident was, many things can happen. Burning the Botanic Gardens might chase certain Pokemon into areas they normally wouldn't be found in. Causing an avalanche might bury the Trainer or leave them trapped in a cave, and may also bury/trap others who are on or in the mountain.

If you're unsure as to whether something qualifies for posting, a good rule of thumb is that if the incident can adversely affect others, it should be posted. If you're still not sure, you can ask Scott or myself. ALL INCIDENTS LAST FOR 72 HOURS; after that time period, the incident will be resolved, no matter what it was, and will no longer affect people.

Rangers should use common sense if they decide to let an incident affect their Trainer's visit. If you want an incident to affect your Trainer but aren't sure how, feel free to ask Dog of Hellsing for guidance.

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