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Default Displaced Pokemon

Displaced Pokemon

There are times when certain incidents might cause Pokemon to flee from their natural area. In these cases, Trainers in any area these Pokemon flee to have the chance of encountering and capturing them.

First, a major incident must happen in the Main RP. This may be a fire in the Botanic Gardens, a massive rockslide at Meteor Valley, or corruption of the pools at the Great Lakes. Only when the incident has been posted in the Incident Board thread may Pokemon flee from the affected area.

Pokemon fleeing from an affected area can appear in any area adjacent to the one they live in (above, below, or to either side), but NOT areas diagonal from the one they live in. For example, Absol can flee to either the Registration Office, the Abandoned Power Plant, the Botanical Gardens, or the Great Lakes. They CANNOT, however, flee to Outer Heaven, the Woods, Mt. Deckbi, or Mt. Oktori. Trainers coming into the Park may encounter Pokemon who have fled to the Registration Office (this is the ONLY time Pokemon available for catching may be encountered at the Registration Office, except for special RPs where such a possibility is clearly stated).

Only Pokemon that can fly or have the Levitate Ability may flee to Outer Heaven. Fish Pokemon (such as Qwilfish or Seaking) fleeing from the Great Lakes may only be encountered at the pools in Meteor Valley and the Woods, and any Pokemon fleeing from the Great Lakes will not appear at Mt. Oktori.

To determine if a Trainer will encounter any Displaced Pokemon, the Ranger will reroll all a Trainerís remaining encounters. They will first roll a number of 2-sided dice equal to the number of encounters remaining; 1ís will indicate that Pokemon of the Trainerís original area (they area they chose to visit) will be encountered, while 2ís indicate that fleeing Pokemon will be encountered. From there, the Ranger will roll for Rank and individual Pokemon.

~ A Trainer is at Mt. Deckbi and has six encounters remaining. An overly-powerful Earthquake at the Abandoned Power Plant has made it partially collapse, causing dozens upon dozens of Pokemon to flee to other areas for safety and shelter. Because the Power Plant is directly above Mt. Deckbi, the Pokemon fleeing from the Power Plant may be encountered at Mt. Deckbi. The Ranger must reroll the six remaining encounters. First, they must roll to determine which area the Pokemon encountered will be from. They get:


The first two Pokemon are therefore from Mr. Deckbi, while the following four are from the Abandoned Power Plant. The Trainer then goes on to roll for Rank and then individual Pokemon:

4 = Common / 1 = Geodude
16 = Special / 7 = Garchomp
10 = Intermediate / 9 = Ditto
10 = Intermediate / 2 = Porygon
1 = Common / 2 = Pichu
5 = Common / 2 = Pichu

The Trainerís new list is Geodude, Garchomp, Ditto, Porygon, Pichu, and Pichu. The Ranger can make any of the six appear as they would Pokemon from a normal encounter list.

If a Trainer enters the Park and visits an area Pokemon have fled to, the Ranger will do all fifteen rolls as explained above.

After an incident is resolved (incidents last for 72 hours, no matter what they are), Trainers who are already in the Park WILL NOT have their encounter list rerolled. The list will keep any Displaced Pokemon that were rolled. However, after an incident has been resolved, Displaced Pokemon will return to their normal area and any Trainers coming in will not have them included in their encounter list rolls.

~Todd was in the Park when Pokemon from Mt. Oktori were chased to the Botanic Gardens. If his run is still going after 72 hours of the incident, his list will keep any Mt. Oktori Pokemon that were rolled. Steve entered the Park one day after the incident, and so his list will include Pokemon from Mt. Oktori. However, Mary came in an hour after the Displaced Pokemon returned home, so her list will not include any Mt. Oktori Pokemon.

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