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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG]

Without warning a yellow figure swiped the stability from my paws and I landed flat on my belly a number of paces away. I barely had enough time to dodge a stone the size of a solrock as I scrambled for better footing, wandering dangerously close to the edge. A sandslash lowered her head and shot forward in my direction, and I gasped, leaping towards Zhol, who was diagonally to my right. She crashed into Shard and our mouths simultaneously scooped up rocks. I wasn’t even given a chance to apologise as a boulder flew down from the above ledge, bounced, and knocked Zhol clean off the cliff. “Zhol!” I screamed, and the dual type luckily slipped from the rock’s underside as the two slammed separately into the earth below. The sneasel had been hit while she didn’t expect it, and as a result she failed to land upright. When she made contact with the ground, she was pushed a few metres forward in the form of somersaults before halting beneath a tree.

Shard drew a sharp breath and heaved himself up, dashing past me and stopping midway between me and the sandslash. The spiked pokémon adopted an offensive position, a glint of anger and protective nature shimmering through her eyes. This struck me as odd, but I continued watching what Shard did once confirming the lack of boulders in my general vicinity. The two sharp pokémon stared each other down for only a second longer before a rock tumbled down, nearly directly heading for Shard. I narrowed my eyes and the scyther returned. I met his alert eyes and he seemed ready for something as I heard the patter of paws and clatter of claws against rock.

The sandshrew evolution burst through the fragments of the stone and sprinted our way, and impulsively Shard hooked his jaws around my mane. I was taken by complete surprise as his wings started beating a million miles per hour and my paws lifted from the rock. I was for once glad about the many knots weaved into my fur; however, clearly I was too heavy for his jaws alone to endure, and we descended quite quickly, tumbling across the ground once connecting with it. It was as if we had been spat from a giant mouth as we lay sprawled across dirt and grass shoots. I moaned and lifted myself up, my confused gaze being thrown about as I laid eyes on the sandslash. She watched intently from the top of the looming wall, and frankly I was intimidated!

Looking away to prevent angering her further, I dug through the air to find Zhol lying limp to my left. I scrambled to her side, nearly stumbling over my own paws, and held my head over her. She was bleeding in many places, notably both arms and her left cheek, and she seemed unable to move a leg very well. Her breathing was inconsistent and her eyelids pushed against one another, squeezing tears from underneath. I bit my lip, guilt jabbing my chest as I realised she was hit by the boulder on my account.

“Damn it,” I cursed, tearing from her as a clash met my ears. To my horror a gang of outsiders had surrounded Shard and were attacking one at a time, going for weaker parts such as his abdomen. “Hey!” I yelped, but immediately I regretted it. All four (plus Shard) thrust daggers in my side as they took note of me, and two split from the group and headed in my direction—fast. The two coming for me were a cubone and a numel, and somehow both were unexpectedly fast! The cubone spun a bone at me, and I shrieked, ducking. It flipped straight over my head, and unfortunately for the ground type, came to a halt as it thumped into the tree Zhol was resting under. And unfortunately for us, it dropped onto her face. “Sorry,” I whispered, watching as she shakily got to her feet. I was unsure whether or not she should be doing that, but I could use the extra help!

The orange and green stout fire type plundered towards me while the cubone came to a stop to plan another attack, and I readied a shadow ball. Pretending the cubone was Cubbs, a spark of dislike got the ghost move fired up, and combined with the negative energy emitting from the surrounding pokémon, I shot the spherical dark matter forwards, and it hovered above the ground until it struck the numel, sending him back a few paces.

“Gimme my bone!” The cubone presumably had his heart set on retrieving his bone as he sprinted in my direction, jumped a few centimetres, and landed with his lower half turned as if he were surfing. What certainly wasn’t a wave of water sprayed in our faces, and in no time I was seeing sand. However, the cubone never made it to his beloved object as Zhol covered him in snow and ice, freezing the sucker in his tracks, as well as the ground his feet were attached to. I had no objections as I looked to her, a satisfied expression in place, but she was unable to reflect my feelings as she staggered and dropped, catching her weight with her powerful claws. I ducked my head to assist her, checking to ensure her safety.

“Take it easy,” I advised, and the sneasel wheezed, presenting her undefeatable half-grin.

Our silent exchange was interrupted as our ally grunted loudly. Shard was fending off not only two sandslash, but the numel which previously challenged me. I found this completely unjust, and with a burst of sudden heroism, I sped forward. Just as a sandslash lashed out at my scyther acquaintance, I released a stream of fire, hopefully frying her ears and whatever else it happened to hit. Quickly I repeated the action on the other sandslash (while I heard Shard shriek), and I skidding to a stop as they both shook off and raised their massive weapons. Another numel and a sandshrew appeared from nowhere on the ledge and began making their ways down, presenting more problems.

By that time I was fleeing back towards Zhol and into the sanctuary of trees, the sandslash tailing me. Zhol avoided them both as we rushed past her, but one caught sight of her frozen fellow cubone and turned to her. The sneasel backed up, her claws out to the sides in case she needed to use them. However, one of her legs gave way and she almost fell, giving the sandslash nearly complete dominance. In an effort to evade the sandslash on my tail, I whirled around, earning myself a scratch from the outstretched claws, and, gathering fuel for another shadow ball as fast as I was able, I fired the attack at the other sandslash. I nearly missed as it slammed into her, and Zhol was dubbed a lower priority as the enemy pokémon regained her balance and slapped me into her line of sight. “Uh oh,” I muttered, forced to make a sharp turn to the left and back toward the trees, confusing the sandslash that didn’t stop for Zhol—Sandslash One. I knew Zhol was thankful as I raced between trunks and kicked up dirt especially for my followers to swallow, and I began to notice that the forest was thinning. ‘Oh, that’s right!’ I thought, thinking myself to be a bit of an idiot. ‘It’ll get rockier and rockier.’

I was faster than those ground types, which meant I had a bit of an advantage, and that showed as I tossed my head over my shoulder to check their positions. After feeling bushy material tickle my toes, I suddenly slammed into something, falling on my back. I groaned and rolled over, taking in the massive stone that I somehow didn’t see. I stumbled behind it and slumped against it, waiting out the pain in my front. It slowly faded, but I knew I’d have a bruise or two.

The stone shook as a sandslash, as I had expected, ran face-first into its surface, and I held back the giggles as Sandslash Two (or Angry Sandslash) leaped from the bushes and landed to my right. Since she was shocked and distracted by her partner’s sudden halt, her peripherals failed to pick me up, and I gave a smirk. I took this opportunity to use a quick attack, knocking the foe off her feet, and followed it up with a (disappointingly) weak flamethrower. Sandslash One appeared at Angry Sandslash’s body, and readied her claws—those giant ones as long as her mouse-like face. She launched herself at me, nicking my tail as I turned it and ran, circling the small clearing we’d stumbled into.

I nearly stopped as I turned to view my backside, thinking the glimpse I caught of it was my imagination. I blinked with horrid realisation as I assessed it: half of my tail was gone. “WHAAAAT?!” I screamed, finally knowing why I felt so much lighter and ‘free’. I shrieked again, and Sandslash One looked taken aback. However, it didn’t throw her off track as she neared, eyes determined and claws ready. But I would have none of that. While running I acidified my throat, my stomach lurching as it bubbled and slid poison liquids up my pipes and into my mouth. With a “Pleh!” I spat a glob after shifting my head around, and I heard a splat before slowing to see the damage I did. However, I left myself open to surprise attacks, and it was then that I tumbled backwards, confused before I realised Angry Sandslash had rapid spun me away from her. I shook off and forced myself to my paws, feeling the increasing burden plaguing my body.

Both sides of my body ached. My thighs thumped as cuts and scrapes dotted my skin, as well as the bullet hole, and my face was still stinging, stones etched between wounds. My shoulders had similar problems, notably the scratch Sandslash One had caused. On top of that, I had half a tail! And how that happened I’d have no clue! Just about the only section of my body that remained untouched was the skin under my mane.

The ground types began closing in on me; I glanced from side to side, wondering what to do. I ran my gaze down Sandslash One, but nearly all the poison had dropped off. I nearly smacked myself in the forehead for forgetting that ground types barely took damage from poison attacks, but it had slowed her down, at least.

Out of nowhere I fired a line of flames towards them, and silently referred to them as cheaters as they retreated into their spikes, becoming nothing more than sharp balls. The fire steered clear of them, and they uncurled as if nothing had happened. I stressed my neck muscles, checking to see what was behind me. A stump and some bushes, and that was practically the end of proper vegetation; ahead (or behind) was dying plantation, and eventually things like cacti and drought-comfortable grass. Flicking my head back to the sandslash, I folded my lips in. These powerful pokémon had me outnumbered and outmatched. They both had type advantages against me, and I had a feeling they weren’t going to stop their ball-curling just for me.

One of them kicked up sand, and I ducked with a squeak, missing it by a hair, while the other darted forward and slashed with her giant claws. If it hadn’t been for the duck, I would have had two stakes in my face! I rolled out the way so I was behind the entrance stone, shards of an earlier boulder attack digging further into my flesh while dirt clung to patches to blood. Sandslash One, who happened to be the one that kicked sand in my face, pursued me in spherical form and bowled me over, her spikes thankfully not impaling me. I landed with an “Oof!” and felt nearly sick as my legs hoisted me up again. Sandslash One rolled back to her friend, and they exchanged inaudible words while I was struggling to regain focus. As weary as I was, I couldn’t let them win. For all I knew, they’d leave me out here with no treatment—or worse: take me back to their lair and eat me!

Just when I thought nothing could get any worse, another shudder of the stone caught our attention, and I picked up some cursing before a black figure leaped over the bush beside it—behind me. I was ready to curse with him as I scanned his body. His main colour was charcoal, but his muzzle and underside were orange. There was what looked to be a tiny skull situated in the middle of his chest, and he had bone bracelets cuffing his ankles as well as streaking his back. He was bigger than me and definitely more intimidating as he snarled, revealing a row of sharp teeth. The horns on his head were curled threateningly, and his eyes were rather enticing and burning with passion. He flicked his elongated, arrow-ended tail in annoyance and I definitely had reason to panic: I couldn’t adequately use flamethrower or shadow ball against him, and definitely not a bite, and honestly I had no motivation to fight him at all. However, that wouldn’t stop him from attacking me with as much force as he pleased.

It's was funny--where it says earlier that the sandslash "shook off", it was originally "shook their heads", but then when I read over it I thought it sounded like they were saying no rather than shaking them to rid them of flames, I guess, so I changed it to "shook off", but since it was their heads that they shook, I put "shook their heads off". When I read over that, I was like xDDDDD *changes*

Scy, I'm reminding you now to bring along your characters to your review. xD

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