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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Hello people! i know im kinda of a rookie but i've been writing out pokemon gyms for some time now, then i discovered this forem and im like WOW! so know here are my edited gyms! (#1) (Also if anyone would be nice enough to tell me how to upload sprites it would be greatly appreciated.)

Gym #1

Gym Name:Nurulia Gym
Type: Normal

Youngster Sam
Challenging Quote: "Think Normal is just some ordinary type? Think again!"

Slakoth Lv12, Yawn,Defense Curl, Slash, Tackle

Losing Quote: "Your obviously no ordinary trainer!" Prize: 350$

Lass Paige
Challenging Quote: "Don't you think my Normal type pokemon are just so cute?"

Slakoth Lv10, Yawn,Defense Curl,Scratch,Tackle
Togepei Lv12 Metrenome,Charm,Yawn,Defence Curl

Losing Quote: "Oh Darn! Being Cute just wasn't enough!" Prize: 375$

Gym Leader: Trainer X
Challenging Quote: "Hello there, i can see you are a powerful trainer beating my aprentices. Many people come to me to learn the way of the Normal type pokemon. I can see you're here to challenge me. Very well, I accept your challenge!"

Slakoth Lv14 Yawn,Slash,Defense Curl,Slam
Stantler Lv14 Yawn,Confusion,Astonish,Stomp
Togetic Lv16 Yawn,Metrenome,Confusion,Aerial Ace

Losing Quote: "Well it seems that you are more powerful then the Normal type. I accept defeat please take these as gifts in honor of your victory." Prize: 1,200$, Humble Badge, TM 21Yawn

Theres my first gym! please give me some constructive critisism.