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Default [SC2] Dominion of Psionic Swarms

Hi there. Welcome to DoPS, the dominion where you too can join the hunt for w/e you like, or just like figure out what the Xel'Naga are up to. You know what, just do w/e you want. Fight amongst each other if you'd like.



Clan Leader: Kenny_C.002
Character ID: Serafis
Character Code: 269
Region: US
Race: Protoss/Terran

For having at least 50 wins against fellow clanmates.

High Templar/Raven/Infestor
Special class: Finish off an opponent with any one of these spellcasters' abilities. Opponent/Hard Computer must gg afterwards.

Immortal/Siege Tank/Hydralisk
For having at least 10 wins against fellow clanmates.

For having at least 5 wins against fellow clanmates.

Members start here as workers.

Name: Grsspkmnmaster
Character ID: Br3l00m
Character Code: Pending
Region: USA
Race: Terran/Zerg

Name: Hoshika
Character ID: Raspberry
Character Code: 318
Region: US
Race: zerg, but protoss is totally the coolest-looking race

Name: Masami (James)
Character ID: Achilles (enecateReAP)
Character Code: 811 (831)
Region: Europe (US)
Race: Zerg

Name: Neo Pikachu
Character ID: RazorDragon
Character Code: 623
Region: USA
Race: Terran

Name: Shade
Character ID: DeederD
Character Code: #924
Region: USA
Race: Terran (But I like to play as everything)

Name: TitaniumAnimations
Character ID: RealHorror
Friend Code: 644
Region: USA
Race: Terran/Zerg

Name: Will (Red Blood Lucario)
Character ID: DragonFist
Character Code: 788
Region: USA
Race: Protoss


Sign up Sheet

Character ID: This is the name you use for your profile account
Character Code: This is the code that a person needs to actually add you on their friends list. You can find it in the main menu as you hover over your avatar
Race: Do you have a preferred race? Or do you go with random?

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