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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Hi everyone! Anyways I'm just continueing my gyms! heres #2!

Gym #2

Gym Name: Sickenen Gym
Type: Poison

Lass Sarah
Challenging Quote: "You think you can beat my Poison Pokemon? I'll show you!"

Gulpin Lv16 Stockpile, Swallow, Spit up, Poison Powder

Losing Quote: " Turns out you CAN beat my Pokemon." Prize 400$

Beauty Blue
Challenging Quote: "With my beauty and my pokemon's toughness, we're unstopable!"

Gulpin Lv14 Stockpile, Swallow, Tackle, Abosorb
Grimer Lv14 Burning Armor, Toxic, Smog, Slam

Losing Quote: "It was my pokemon's power that failed, not my beauty!" Prize 450$

Beauty Lady
Challenging Quote: "Do you like my make-up?"

Grimer Lv16 Burning Armor, Toxic, Smog, Slam
Ekans Lv17 Burning Armor, Toxic, Bite, Sludge Bomb

Losing Quote: "My make-up is ruined!" Prize 500$

Gym Leader: Gardener Lady Mira
Challenging Quote: "Oh hi there! I've been observing you and your battle strategies from when you fought my friends! They were no match for you though. You need someone tough to challenge and i need a little fresh game. I just had a wonderful idea! why don't we battle?"

Grimer Lv19 Toxic, Burning Armor, Poison Fang, Slam
Ekans Lv19 Poison Fang, Confuse Ray, Poison Fang, Burning Armor
Swallot LV23 Stockpile, Burning Armor, Poison Fange, Giga Drain.

Losing Quote: "Wow I didn't stand a chance! I thought my SWALLOT would take you out for sure! Oh well.... well back to training for me! Befor i go here take these!"

Prize 2,300$, the Disease Badge, and TM 93 Burning Armor

Burning Armor= POW-- ACU-- Raises users Sp.Def by one stage and burns target foe if they use a physical attack on you this turn.

There's gym #2! please leave some crit!