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Default Re: [Survivors] Challenges and Contests

Week #2 / Month #1

Immunity Challege: Banner Contest

-What would be a Tribe Area without a suitable banner? Your challenge is to design a cool banner for your tribe.

-The banner must include your mascot Pokemon, your tribe name and maybe a slogan.

-The banners have to be done on Friday and posted somewhere in the URPG Boards. A poll will be made and the banner with the most votes wins. Also, tribe members can vote for their own banner, so the more active the tribe members are, the better off your tribe is.

-Best banner wins the Immunity for the tribe.

-Winning Tribe gets Immunity and the losing Tribe is sent to Tribal Council.

About Tribal Council

-Once the winner of the Immunity Challenge is declared, you can send your votes to Rhauk by PM or tell them to him by using AIM ( Akodo Kobo ).

-The faster the whole tribe sends their votes, the faster they can participate in the next Prize Challenge, if not all of the votes aren't sent in, the tribe can't be a part of the challenge.

-Though not all of the members have to vote if Rhauk declares that no more of voting is needed, like in a situation like this:

6 people have voted for a person

3 people have voted for another person

The 10th person in the tribe doesn't have to vote since the person who will be kicked out is already clear.

-The voting is and will be anonymous.
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