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Default Lie about that avatar

Here, you can just lie. Lie your face off; exaggerate if needs be. Scream and scream about how bad it is if it's good, or compliment till you're happy if it's bad.

For example (me lying about my own avatar)
That avatar is darn nasty and could do with a real reworking, and if you took it from some site, don't even bother choosing another avatar from that site, MINGER.

Which means it's very good. Lol.

Geddit? Oh, I'll put the avatar beside the name and do an example.

Me: Start!
Person: That smiley is sooooo cute, didja make it? It's sooooooo awesome and HAWT! Keep up the good avatars, happeh.
Me: Oh my God, tongues are so pretty. That guy is just gorgeous!

So start and rate my hot avatar, gaiz.


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