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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by Dog of Hellsing View Post

I just found out too, and I'm looking at them ^^.

So far I <3:

Yuniran, basic of Rankusuru

Daburan, stage 1 of Rankusuru

Hatooboo, stage 1 of Mamepato

Kenhorou, final form of Mamepato


Aken, I'm assuming this is the Fossil Bird


Bachuru, Denchura prevo

Warubiru, Meguroko evo, and a pit of Shimama's evo

Jyarohda, final form of Tustaja

Zebraika, evo of Shimama


Reparudasu, evo of Choroneko

Other Mon

Also posted on BMG:

Base stats for several Mon

^ Full Mon list

Well at least this Generation brought out a crapload of new type combinations!! There's even a new pure Flying-type :D. I will admit I did expect a little more of a pokémon like Reshiram and Zekrom when the Dragon/Tce legendary was revealed but it it looks completely different. Too bad it is believed to get the overused ability Pressure instead of something that could rival Turboblaze and and Teravoltage. Hopefully it can get a move similar to Cross Flame and Cross Thunder. Cross Blizzard sounds like a cool name that would fit.
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