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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Right now, I'd have to say the turtles are my favorites. The Jellyfish, Denchura, lampreys, and Chobomaki (the clam with the knight's helmet) are all up there as well.

Calling version exclusives on:

Chobomaki/Kaburuchi (knight clam and knight bug)
Nageki/Dageki (I know PxP originally said the first evolves into the second, but their base stat totals are the same and very differently distributed. I'm thinking counterparts rather than an evo line).
Anteater/Ant (seem like they might have a Zangoose/Seviper-esque relationship)

Also, I'm looking forward to seeing these in the URPG Story list come April (or w/e). Gonna be fun thinking up shizz to catch 'em with. I'm starting now. :)

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