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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

First of all, am I the only one surprised by all of the Bug/Steel types added?

Also, I've already picked the mons I'll be using if I get the game.

Jaroda - Base 95 Def/Sdef and 113 Speed, oh boy.
Muurando - Base 100 Atk, Base 90 Def/Sdef, Intimidate, Nyurgh likes.
Yanakki, Baokki, Hiyakki - All have Base 98 Atk/Satk... not bad.
Gigaisu - BASE 135 ATK, BASE 130 DEF, oh my god Pure Rock.
Roospushin - Wow, what an ugly-looking clown.
Doreida - 110 Satk, 90 Spd
Warubiaru - Ground/Dark-type.
Desukan - 145 Def, 105 Sdef, but that Speed...
Abagoora - it just looks cool
Aakeso - 140 Base Attack, 110 Base Speed @_@
Shubarugo - Bug/Steel is my favorite typing, 135 Base attack doesnt hurt.
Shanderea - Fire/Ghost with Flash Fire and 145 Base Satk.
Ononokusu - it just looks beast.
Goroggu - Fuggin', giant robot. Ground/Ghost is a bit iffy though.
Kirikizan - Yay for x4 Fighting weakness
Ainto - see Shubarugo comment
Sazando - DAYUM, 3-headed dragon
Genosekuto - Wow, just wow.

Everything else was just ugly/crappy-statted.

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