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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Fantasia Gym

Bird Trainer Ashesha

Opening Speech: "Fantasia is high in the sky! Together, we must fly!"
Ending speech (lose): "Oh, drat! Now I need to fly to the Pokémon Centre!"
Ending speech (win): "Are you okay?! Do you need a lift?!"
Ending speech (outside): "Good luck in Fantasia!" *platform underneath your feet raises you into an area of fake clouds*

Lv 53
Attacks: Psycho Shift, Air Slash, Take Down, Roost

Lv 50
Attacks: Sky Attack, Extreme Speed, Aura Sphere, Air Slash

Lv 52
Attacks: Mirror Move, Drill Peck, Heat Wave, Fly

Magician Keys

Opening Speech: "I will levitate my way to victory."
Ending Speech (lose): "I shall NOT let you pass!" *starts rematch*
Ending Speech (win): "You have seen fire!"
Rematch Ending Speech (lose): "You have defeated me twice? How can this be?!"
Rematch Ending Speech (win) "You have the first luck. Not the second."

Level 57
Attacks: Haze, Confuse Ray, Sludge Bomb, Fly

Gym Leader Hazel

Opening Speech: "Fantasia is amazing... as is its TRAPS!" *obtains all Pokémon used by other trainers, all at Level 60, same attacks*
Ending speech (lose): "Hmm, I should have known. You had a strategy."
Ending speech (win): "Now leave my paradise!"

Prize: $12,00, Ethereal Badge, TM 99 Fantasy

TM 99 Fantasy
Power: 150
The foe takes an additional damage equal to the amount of HP regained by the user in that battle.