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Default Re: Black/White - Travel Journal

Heh, you do know you can catch the other monkeys you don't get later? You didn't have to pick the wotter.

Anyways, current team:

-Janobii Lv. 26 (M)

-Zuruggu Lv. 27 (F)

-Darumakka Lv. 26 (M)

-Haderia Lv. 26 (M)

A few fillers have come and gone. :P

I have two of the three monkeys so far (water one and grass one), looking for fire. :D

Once I get my wi-fi set up in a few days right I hope to be able to breed and trade them off.

(Sprites ripped by me. Anyone may use since they're not mine, they're gamefreak's.)


Janobii is decent but at this level he's limited to grass attacks and tackle, so bad type coverage. Anything that doesn't resist Grass Mixer is easy for him though.

Zuruggu.. Amazing Pokemon. Has Overconfidence ability (raises attack after he KOs an opponent) so he's a team-sweeper basically. He kills one thing and then he's OP and steamrolls. Fighting/Dark is great type coverage.

Darumakka.. Sort of a glass cannon. He's defensively squishy but VERY strong with hustle and a high attack stat. Can't wait until he evolves. He gets Fire Punch at a low level and now he punches the crap outta everything. xD

Haderia, he gets Take Down very early and it's powerful with STAB. He's relatively sturdy.. Dark and Normal attacks to start out with, not much to say. He's not the strongest on my team but he is powerful enough to fill a solid spot. Take Down OHKOs a lot of things, but it hurts him a lot so he doesn't have much staying power. Good Pokemon.

Pokemon I tried but didn't like:

Hiyappu- Water Gun was useful for the first gym, but he just.. He wasn't learning many decent moves and he's defensively weak. He was just getting killed by neutral attacks before he could take down enemies and I didn't want to overlevel him just to make him okay.

Munna- Hypnosis and Psybeam are great, but tons of Pokemon I run into are either Dark type (Zuruggu, cat pokemons) or have bite/crunch, and he was just falling behind in exp due to there being fewer things he was capable of taking down than my other Pokemon.

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