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Default Re: Black/White - Travel Journal

Yes, I know, but I didn't want to wait until later. I wanted to get it before the first gym leader.

- I beat Dento, he was easy with Boappu. :D
- Team Plasma..I don't know what you're saying, but I am pretty sure it's annoying.
- Evolved Mijumaru.
- Caught a Shimama, won't train it. >:3
--- EDIT ----
- Caught a Koromori in the first cave. :3

My team (Yes, I am stealing Tasteless's format):

- Futachimaru Lv.17 (F)

- Boappu Lv.18 (M)

- Koromori Lv.13 (F)

- Minezumi Lv.5 (F) HM Slave :D

I am on Route 3 having fun with the chance of wild Double Battles! :D
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