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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by AUfan View Post
Iv gotta admit... cursed body is kind of a letdown. I just hope that the percentage of it happening is fairly high. With all of these powerful abilities running rampant now... I would hope that it has like a 30-50 percent chance of working... (disable only works for like 5 turns, right?)

Looking at the pokedex on serebii, I was hoping that flareon would finally, finally get Flare Blitz or at least Flame kick... but I guess not. I suppose having guts now is kind of decent... but i dont know... flareon still doesn't get stab on facade and he is still too slow to sweep without boosting moves or a choice scarf. Nitro Charge looks kind of interesting though. Does anyone know how it works? I think I heard that it was a 60 bp physical fire attack that raises speed but i don't know if i am remembering correctly.

Im also kind of disappointed at the lack of a physical fire move as a tm. I was also hoping for a more powerful physical ghost move to teach to banette, dusknoir, and that new ghost/ground type... but i guess not.

Gale on Pidgeot should be interesting. It'll help the coolest looking of the birds distinguish itself from all the other normal/flyings by taking a special attacker approach.

Personally, I kind of like the genies. Its a cool concept, having legendary genies and all.

Oh, and does anyone know if that pink fish evolves from luvdisc?
Yeah, Cursed Body would have been a lot better if it disabled the foe's last move 100% of the time. Imagine the havoc it could wreak!

It seems Nintendo is hell-bent on keeping Flareon from becoming good enough to use in competitive play.

Lol I think Wargle looks cooler than Pidgeot even if it is an Aquilamon knock-off.

Lol speaking of the genies, here's a comic I just made:

Torunerosu Fail

And yeah, Mamanbou definitely looks like a Luvdisc evo, but like Woodchuck said, BW is supposedly not going to have any prevo/evos since you only get BW Mon until you beat the main game. Still...
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