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Default Re: Black/White - Travel Journal

Originally Posted by dimondgirlofthefuture View Post
How did you get two of the three monkeys? Was it over Wi-Fi, or what????
And I'm hoping that when I get the game, I can get the first gym over with. Don't get me wrong! I always love getting my first gym badge and battling the first gym leaders, but the world of Isshu is just SCREAMING at me to discover it
The very first sentence in his post he says you can get them later. lol

You can by the way, in the forest, they're very rare though.

Let's see...

- Completely abandoned Boappu.
- Trained up Koromori.
- Beat Aloe, after a few tries. Really, she is the new Whitney. Haaard ;_;
- Caught Kurumiru, trained and evolved it.
- Beat Team Plasma again.
- Went up to Huin City, only to go north to Route 4 and catch a Darumakka.
- Trained it.
- Found a wild Yanappu in shacking grass, only to kill it with Water Gun. I was very angry at how weak Yanappu is.


- Kurumayu Lv.23 (M)

- Darumakka Lv.22 (M)

- Koromori Lv.23 (F)

- Futachimaru Lv.23 (F)

- Minezumi Lv.5 (M) HM Slave
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