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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

I was hoping to get this done sooner, but someone was on the computer, and I couldn't get on until late at night(so frustrated I couldn't get more done). Since I couldn't get the first gym completed yet(it takes longer to play a game and make a walkthrough for it, xD), i had to cut it down as this being the Epilogue.

Chapter 1(being all the way towards the 1 badge) will be here later on today.

Pokemon Black/White Translation/Walkthrough

Prologue: Your Journey begins in the Isshu Region!

Cheren: Black/White, Professor Araragi said that she heard from us, but do you think that we’ll get a pokemon?………Again Bell…?

Bell enters the room.

Bell: Umm, sorry that I’m late again….

Cheren: Hey Bell, you do know that doing things at your own pace takes 10 years before you know anything done. But did you know that we can receive our pokemon from Professor Araragi today?

Bell: Yes. I’m very sorry, Black/White, Cheren. Hmm…Where are the pokemon? Since we’re in Black/White’s house, the first pokemon should be chosen from Black/White.

Cheren: Of course. Inside that giftbox holds our Pokemon. Come on, Black/White. Hurry up and check out the giftbox. I want to see the pokemon soon!

Black/White begins to open the giftbox.

LETTER: With this letter contains 3 pokemon. You and your friends get along with choosing your pokemon. With best regards. Araragi


Bell: Well, this one is my pokemon! Cheren, here’s your’s.

Cheren: Why do you get to choose my pokemon? Well, I wanted (Pokemon) originally anyways, so… :-P

Bell: Everyone chose their pokemon. Now that that’s over….Hey! Hey! Let’s have a pokemon battle!

Cheren: Err…Bell, you’re pokemon is already a weakling, although, having a battle in the house isn’t fine at all.

Bell: It’ll be fine. so you say that my pokemon is already weak? It’ll grow strong and rise up, right, Black/White? Let’s have a battle!

Pokemon Trainer Bell

Pokemon: Tsutarja/Pokabu/Mijumaru[Dependant on your starter, you will have the advantage pokemon]

NARRATOR’S NOTE: This battle is easy. Just keep Tackling until you take it out.

Battle ends. Room is a DISASTER.

Bell: Wow…Black/White, you’re not getting too familiar with becoming an amazing trainer are you? I have a slight hunch that you just might.
Cheren:……Bell, did you look around you?

Bell:(looking around)Wha?! Wha…What is this?! Pokemon are AMAZING! Such as this little guy! I’m so glad to come across this pokemon! Oh, Black/White, sorry.

Cheren: It really doesn’t help with you bragging! You should use a potion to restore your pokemon’s Health.

HP heals for both Bell and Black/White.

Bell: Hey! Hey! Shouldn’t Cheren try and battle too? I could analyze the battle to see whose stronger perhaps.

Cheren: Certainly! Me enjoying this battle wouldn’t be fair between the both of us and my Analysis skills(bad translation here guys, sorry). This should give an interesting conclusion. Well, for our first battle, I draw out your power! (Pokemon)!

Pokemon Trainer Cheren

Pokemon: Tsutarja/Pokabu/Mijumaru[Dependant upon your starter, you will have a disadvantage].

NARRATOR’S NOTE: This battle is easy. Just keep Tackling until you take it out.

Cheren: My first battle was unexpecting. I wonder how I failed, but this feeling…I’m excited to become a trainer. However, about your room, I need to go apologize to your mother, huh.

Bell: Oh! Me too!

Cheren and Bell leaves your room.

NARRATOR’S NOTE: Nothing in the room really, especially since it trashed now. You might as well go downstairs for the next scene.

Upon entering Living Room...

Cheren: I’m truly sorry about the mess.

Bell: Uh, umm, the room needs a bit of cleaning now.

Mama: Cleaning? It’s fine! It’s fine! I will clean the mess afterwards,
other than that, You do know that you need to see Professor Araragi?

Cheren: Yes! Well, sorry for disturbing you(Manners in Japanese, it’ll be different in English Version). I have to thank Professor Araragi for the pokemon. I will be waiting at the front of the Laboratory.

Bell: Oh! I will have to return home one more time. Ma’am, thank you very much for allowing me to intrude your home(it’s a greeting thing in japanese, it’ll be changed in English version.)

Bell and Cheren leaves your home. Mom walks to talk to you.

Mama: Black/White. Pokemon battles can be such a busy and interesting task. To do things such as hearing your pokemon’s roar. I’m just thinking… Your first pokemon battle! Be sure to rest your pokemon and to raise them. Your pokemon is healthy now! Before you go out, don’t forget your Live Caster.

Black/White received the Live Caster. Black/White put Live Caster in the Key Items.

Mama: You’re going to say thanks to the Professor too, right? Well, have a good day!

NARRATOR’S NOTE: The first thing I would do is to go check on Bell first. As you can’t talk to the professor yet since Cheren will go tell you to go check on her anyways. Her house is towards the lower-left of your house.

Bell’s Father runs up to Bell

Bell’s Father(Yelling): NO, NO, NO!

Bell: But I…received a pokemon. I will become a fine trainer! I will go on an adventure because I know I can do this!

Bell walking towards the door and suddenly notices you.

Bell: Oh. …. I’m fine. I’m fine, really! I’ll be waiting in front of the Laboratory.

NARRATOR’S NOTE: Pretty obvious where to head towards now. You have to go speak to Professor Araragi. Just look for the fancy little building where Cheren and Bell are standing.

Cheren: Now then! Let’s meet the Professor.

Bell, Cheren, and Black/White enters the Lab.

Professor Araragi: Yes! I was looking forward to seeing you, boys and girl(yes she really said that, it’ll change)! Now, let’s formally introduce ourselves. My name is…

Cheren: Professor Araragi? We know your name.

Araragi: Already? That’s not cool if Cheren knows. Today is a day of memory for you. You shouldn’t have to stand so formally. Well, once again, my name is Araragi. I check when a pokemon species is born. Oh! Amazing! You already had a pokemon battle. Because of that, your pokemon will begin to trust you faithfully…Such feelings…By the way, Do you want to give your pokemon a NN?

Name Change…or whatever…

Cheren: That's the PokeDex, right?

Bell: PokeDex?

Araragi: Amazing! Amazing! One would suspect Cheren to know. A lot of information about pokemon. This the pokedex! It will give you formal explanations. The PokeDex! Whenever you come across a pokemon, it is automatically recorded. It’s a nice high-tech tool. So, Black/White and friends will be going to various places, this region is filled with pokemon to see and to desire! Learn from what I told you! Black/White! Cheren! Bell! So will you complete your PokeDex wherever your adventure takes you?

This is where you select yes.

Bell: Yes! I will do it!

Cheren: Thank you very much. I vow to become a Pokemon trainer to the best of my desire.

Araragi: Thank you everyone!

Black/White received the PokeDex.

Araragi: Now for the next step. I will teach you how to come across a pokemon. Go to Route 1, okay?

Araragi leaves.

Bell: Oh, since we were asked by the professor, do you think we can go on the journey? Can we do things and search on our own?

Cheren: Aah. If we have to complete the Pokedex while traveling, then its fine.

Upon leaving the Laboratory, you see your mother.

Bell: Heey! Black/White, wait!

Mama: Well, well! How was the conversation with the professor?... … …You were asked to complete the PokeDex?! Amazing! Wha? As a matter of fact, I already knew of the conversation. From those circumstances, all of you will be receiving a Town Map.

Black/White received the Town Map. Black/White placed it in the Key Items box.

Mama: Yes, Cheren.

Cheren: I will use it with care.

Mama: Haha, Bell, you too.

Bell: Oh! Thank you very much!

Mama: After I tidied up Black/White’s room, I know that everyone didn’t come to do anything wrong. Right, Black/White? Pokemon do that and they’re truly amazing. In that way, it was something unexpecting, with such power from cute pokemon that usually keep to themselves. I will tell all your mothers and fathers will follow your decision. Pokemon is not the only amazing thing in Isshu. Discover a lot of things, and become fine adults! Well, Take care of yourself!

Mom leaves.

Cheren: I now know how to use the Town Map to know my whereabouts. This is exciting. Well, let’s go to Route 1 since the Professor is waiting for us.

Bell: Oh, she is waiting. Black/White, you come quickly too.

They run off to Route 1. As you approach Route 1, Bell calls for you.

Bell: Black/White! This way!

Cheren: If we’re starting our journey together, let’s take our first step together.

Bell: Hey, Black/White!Let’s step onto Route 1 together!

Cheren: Well, let’s go!

Everyone: Here we go!!

Everyone walks into Route 1.

Bell: Aah! This may be exciting.

Cheren: I think so too. Well, the professor is waiting.

Proceed to walk to professor

Cheren: Professor Araragi, sorry to keep you waiting.

Araragi: Well, let’s begin the explanation, shall we? Coming across pokemon will automatically fill a page of the PokeDex. And, I will teach you how to catch pokemon. Futhermore, giving you detailed rules on how to choose pokemon. Let me show you how to catch a pokemon!

Araragi entering the grass. She then does a wild battle against a Minezumi. Telling you that you should weaken a pokemon before catching, and so on.

Araragi: Did you see that just now? First, you should lower the pokemon’s HP. Healthy pokemon are difficult to catch. Using status moves such as sleep or paralysis also helps. Here, all of you also receive PokeBalls as a present!

Black/White received PokeBall. Black/White put PokeBalls in Item Bag.

Araragi: Those pokeballs will capture pokemon. Well, from this point I will be waiting for you at Karakusa Town.

Araragi departs north.

Cheren: By the way, pokemon only jump out of tall grass. Well, I will be heading towards Karakusa Town too.

Bell: I see. That is a close town I can’t go to until I get a pokemon. Wait a minute! Hey! Hey! Black/White! Cheren! I have a good idea!

Cheren: Well, let’s go, the professor is also waiting.

Bell: Exactly! Listen! Huh? Wha? Already? How many pokemon can we catch? Shall we catch pokemon? The one who catches the most pokemon is the one in the lead! okay?

Cheren: I see. Like how the professor would be delighted to see the pages to be filled with pokemon info. Interesting. Well, Until we arrive to Karakusa Town, you have to restore HP from your home.

Bell: Me and (Pokemon)’s combo is the best!

Route 1

Yorterrie(Common): Level 2-4, Minezumi(Uncommon): Level 2-4, Choroneko(Uncommon): Level: 2-4


NARRATOR’S NOTE: Yorterrie is so common, it’s not even funny. If you talk to the NPC in the second patch of grass, you will get a potion.

Bell: Well, Black/White? Did you catch a pokemon you want for your Journey?(Saying no, will cause her to tell you to go back. Conversation from the on depends on if you actually caught something or not)

Black/White connected to the Live Caster.

Araragi: Hey! Is everyone okay? Is everyone making friends with their pokemon?

Bell: Oh, Professor!

Araragi: I’m in Karakusa Town’s Pokemon Center! I have information to tell you. Please come soon everyone!

Cheren: Understood! The Pokemon Center, right?

Araragi: Okay! See you then!

Cheren: Well, let’s go now.

Bell and Cheren heads off to Karakusa Town.
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Pokemon Black/White Walkthrough

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