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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

My goodness, XD! This took a BIT longer than expect but Chapter 2 should be easier to complete as I shouldn't have anything to stop me with 2 free days, XP.

Chapter 1: Dine and Battle at Sanyou City Gym! The Tri Badge!

Karakusa Town[KT]

Event Battles: N

Pokemon: None

Items: Pokeball

NARRATOR’S NOTE: Time to go talk to Professor Araragi at the Pokemon Center.

Araragi: Yes! Black/White! A chance for pokemon and trainers to begin their journey. This is a trainer’s delight! To visit and learn from such precious places and locations.

Araragi enters Pokemon Center.

Araragi: This is the Pokemon Center! Perhaps we should relax? This will guide you along the way.

As you walk to Nurse Joy, Bell notices that you’ve finally arrived.

Bell: Oh! Me too!

Araragi: The Pokemon Center is an amazing place! How about this? Did you know the Pokemon Center can heal your pokemon? Its purpose is to do that. It’s a trainer’s friend! Listen! Go ahead and try to heal your pokemon!

The usual Nurse Joy talk like all pokemon games.

Araragi: Okay! You pokemon are healthy! Next is to learn about the PC! This is the PC!...

Talk about uses for the PC. It’s all the same from past gens. No new info…

Bell: Professor…who own’s this PC? (She’s talking about the usual PokeBox Inventor like Bill and so on…)

Araragi: Oh, you find out soon enough. You all will meet that person one day. Next!

Proceeding to PokeMart

Araragi: This is the Friendly Shop(I wonder if they actually call it that in the Japanese games or if they’re going to change the name of the PokeMart this time around, XD) You can buy useful items and can sell items you no longer need. This gentleman here will happily help you. Well now! That was all the general info you needed to know! Therefore, I will be returning to Kanoko Town. One last thing, when you reach Sanyou City, please meet with Inventor Makomo. My old friend would like to ask you to help her complete a task for her. So then, good luck! Your journey has a lot of things to come forth!

Araragi leaves

Bell: I wonder what I should buy… One might expect to buy Potions and PokeBalls to be important.

NARRATOR’S NOTES: I’d just buy some potions 「キズぐすり」 and head out to see what’s going on with Cheren.

Random Guy 1: Something started up at the Square!

Random Guy 2: Let’s go check it out.

Random guy 1 and 2 heads off…

Cheren: Black/White, come here.

Mystery Man: I am Geechisu. Geechisu of Team Plasma. Everyone will hear about the liberty of Pokemon.

Townspeople: Huh? What?

Geechisu: We humans came to live with pokemon. We show each other affection; we have been here to show nothing but affection towards them….

Wall of text should be added here…

NARRATOR’S NOTE: Sorry guys for the sudden cut on what Geechisu was talking about. Japanese was starting to get difficult, xD. I did understand the gist of it though. He was first trying to get on the good side of the townspeople. Luring them in stories of people and pokemon and how we get along. He eventually starts to talk about liberating(setting pokemon free). Geechisu believing it’s not right to hold pokemon as pets or as a sport. This next scene begins directly after Geechisu and Team Plasma leaves.

Screen blacks out. Townspeople left all except Cheren and some mysterious guy.

???: Your Pokemon…It was just speaking now.

Cheren: What’s with all this fast-talking? Did someone just say a pokemon…talked? That just sounds silly.

???: Oh it is talking. I see, so you both can hear them either. They sound cute…My name is N.

Cheren: I am Cheren, and this is Black/White. We are on a journey to complete the PokeDex. Moreso, my goal is to become the champion.
N: Pokedex, hmm?...That’s certainly a lot of pokemon to catch. I am never considered to be a trainer. Pokemon are that of good fortune. So you’re Black/White. My pokemon’s voice wants to be heard!

EVENT Battle
Pokemon Trainer N
Pokemon: Choroneko[Lv. 7]

Recommended Level: Lv. 7

NOTE: An easy battle. Just be sure to level yourself a little.

N: A pokeball shuts off a pokemon’s true limit…They can’t become perfect. Pokemon are my friends, and I treat them as equals all around the world.

N leaves

Cheren: Funny guy. However, there wasn’t any doing to come good from him. Pokemon and Trainers mutually help each other. Well, I’m going to the town. I want to fight with the Sanyou City Gym Leader. You should also fight the Gym Leader. If you want to become a strong trainer, you have to gym leaders from various places to become the best.

Cheren leaves

NOTE: Go to the top left apartment building (closest to Route 2). If you talk to one of the guys upstairs, he will give you a pokeball. Nothing much to do but to go to Route 2 now.

Route 2[RT2]

EVENT Battle:

Torterrie[Lv.4-7](Common), Minezumi[Lv.4-5](Uncommon), Choroneko[Lv.4-5](Uncommon)

Pokemon Trainers:
Youngster Kenta
Minezumi[Lv. 7]

Lass Mary
Choroneko[Lv. 7]

Youngster Takahiro
Yorterrie[Lv. 7]

Items: Potion(2x), PokeBall, Super Potion(Requires Cut), Great Ball(Requires Cut)

Black/White connected to the Live Caster

Mama: Black/White! This is mom. How are things over there with you? I hope you’re making friends with Pokémon along your journey. I wanted to contact you one time over the Live Caster.

Mom now is behind you on Route 2

Mama: Black/White. I caught up finally….You’re already up here. Araragi said that you might’ve been up to Sanyou City by now. But here’s another present from me! Put these on.

Black/White received Running Shoes

Mama: Running shoes allows you to move faster. Please listen to the instructions. Pressing B button will allow you to move faster. (Then rambling about you taking care of yourself for your journey and letting you know that you’re not alone.)

If you see the small tree at the north-east end of the route(you shouldn’t miss it), be sure to come back when you have cut to get a Super Potion and Great Ball.

When you reach the end of Route 2

Bell: Heey! Black/White! I raised my pokemon a bit! Let’s have a Pokemon Battle!

EVENT Battle
Pokemon Trainer Bell

Yorterrie[Lv.6], Tsutarja/Pokabu/Mijumaru[Lv.7]

NOTE: She will use a potion once to heal her pokemon. It should be a simple battle. Even simpler if you decided to catch a pokemon(I decided not to, xD).

Bell: Waa! You’re still getting strong, Black/White! I will also raise my pokemon so then they will not lose! Well, bye-bye!!

Sanyou City[SC]

EVENT Battle: Dento/Poddo/Koon

Pokemon: None

Items: X Speed, Great Ball(2x), Dusk Ball, Fresh Water(Inside Gym), Cheer Up(TM 83), Cut(HM 01)

NOTE: Before you actually go into the city, go towards the left, behind the fence where the 2 apartment building stand next to each other; there you will find X Speed. Head towards the first apartment building on your right. Talk to the woman that is wearing orange; she will give you a Great Ball. The second apartment building to your right, you don’t need to enter until later. This is the place you will meet Inventor Makomo. Behind the apartment buildings you just left, you will find some creepy guy sitting in a corner by himself; talk to him and you will receive a Dusk Ball. If you go past the arch towards the right of the city, go down into the little garden-maze and you’ll find another Great Ball in the lower-left corner.

If you go talk to the man standing in front of the Gym, he will let you know that the Gym Leader isn’t there at this time. He suggests you to go to the Trainers School to learn about (general) things for time to pass by. You will also find Cheren there, wanting to battle you. But we’re going to skip that and get our elemental monkey, first. Search for [ALOD] and then come back to continue from here.


Time to head off into Trainer’s School!

Trainer’s School[TS]
EVENT Battle:

Pokemon Trainers:

Item: Full Heal, Oran Berry(3x)

Go talk to the brown-haired little boy. He will quiz you on 3 various things. I forgot the two questions(the last one was asking about what item do you use on a sleeping pokemon), but I do remember the answer order. Choose 1, 1, 3.

Let’s talk to Cheren now.

Cheren: If a pokemon is poison, it will steadily get attacked by poison damage over time. But it will only receive experience from battling… Hey, Black/White. Did you go look for the Gym Leader? Some time ago, I was speaking about pokemon type matchups. You didn’t miss it did you? By the way, Black/White, have a battle with me. When we battle, I want to see how much I learned. Well, let’s see how much I’ve learned…I could possibly test out how much I’ve learned without items. Certainly we won’t break anything from our battle in here.

EVENT Battle
Tsutarja/Pokabu/Mijumaru[Lv. 8], Choroneko

NOTE: The usual easy battle. Event battles will get a bit tougher soon.

Cheren: As I thought, mastering the use of items are important. Well, Black/White, you can keep this berry.

Black/White received an Oran Berry. Black/White put Oran berry in the Berry Pocket.

Cheren: Pokemon can use berries during battle to raise their strength. Only people can use medicine. Well, Good Luck!

NOTE: Time for the 1st Gym! And let me tell you you that it is more difficult that the other usual pokemon games, XD. Be PREPARED!

Dento: huh? I’m this city’s gym leader. And you are?...I see. A gym challenge. And what pokemon did you choose first? (Pokemon)? I see that you’re Fire/Water/Grass weak! I think that this will be an interesting match. Well, I’ll be waiting inside.

Dento walks into Gym


Pokemon Trainers

Waiter Mikiya
Yorterrie[Lv. 11]

Waitress Chiharu
Minezumi[Lv. 10], Choroneko[Lv. 10]

NOTE: The man hands you fresh water. To get past each room, you have to choose the type weakness for the type that is on the curtains. So if it’s fire, choose water!

Dento: Welcome, this is Sanyou City Pokemon Gym.

Poddo: I am the Fire type user, Poddo!

Koon: I am the Water master, Koon. I’m pleased to meet you.
Dento: And I’m gym leader that grass pokemon like, Dento. Umm…You’re wondering why there are 3 of us….

Poddo: Oh! I will explain. We’re triplets! One of us will battle you based on the starter pokemon you chose.

Koon: That’s right. And since your partner is a water type….

Dento: Yes, you will be facing me.

EVENT Battle
Yorterrie[Lv. 12], Yanappu/Baoppu/Hiyappu[Lv. 14]

Recommended Level: Level 13!

NOTE: I can’t stress enough how seemingly difficult this battle can be. A Stat boosting move so early in the game can be mind-blowing. That Yorterrie kills with boosted Tackles and even crippling your defense. Yanappu/Baoppu/Hiyappu can be just as difficult if you allow them to set up on you.

Dento/Poddo/Koon: I’m surprised you’re so strong. My brothers wanted to see me lose.

Black/White obtained the Tri Badge

Dento/Poddo/Koon: A Gym Badge is proof of a trainer’s power. Owning a badge makes it official. Pokemon up to level 20 will obey. And take this please.

Black/White obtained Cheer Up(TM 83).

Dento/Poddo/Koon: TM 83 is Cheer Up. Cheer up allows you to raise your Att and SpA by one stage.

Mysterious lady waiting for you outide

???: Yoohoo! I am Makomo. Professor Araragi said that you have a traveling device. Let me see it for a bit. (Or are traveling, can I see you for a bit)

Enters Makomo’s home

Makomo: You’re going to complete the IsshuDex, right? Oh! Come near the stairs! This is my room. Let’s go up. Let’s introduce ourselves. I am Makomo. As you see, I am a researcher. Ah, Professor Araragi is a colleague of mine’s. So you’re here to help my request? Here is a Hidden Machine!

Black/White received Cut(HM 01)

Pokemon can use HM moves that it remembers outside of battle! That HM cuts narrow trees. You can use HMs over and over again. Isn’t that great? But, it’s difficult to forget HM moves. Now, perhaps you could help me? There’s some historic location at the Abandoned Lot of Dreams. But, there’s an item I need from Munna called Dream Smoke. That’s it! It’s called Game Link! It’s now possible to collect various trainer’s data.

NOTE: So now you need to go to Abandoned Lot of Dreams to go get Dream Smoke for her. Be sure to have some fodder for Cut. You can now also go back to Route 2 to go get a Super Potion and a Great Ball.

Abandoned Lot of Dreams[ALOD]
EVENT Battle:
Plasma Grunt(2x)

Minezumi[Lv.8-9], Choroneko[Lv.8-9], Munna[Lv. 8-9]

Pokemon Trainers:
Lass Ellie
Choroneko[Lv. 8], Choroneko[Lv. 8]

Youngster Gorou
Minezumi[Lv. 7], Minezumi[Lv. 7], Yorterrie[Lv. 7]

Items: Defender, Paralysis Heal, Repel, Potion, PokeBall

NOTE: Talk to the blue-haired girl that is wondering around. She will give you your elemental pokemon. You receive Hiyappu if you chose Tsutarja, Yanappu if you chose Pokabu, and Baoppu if you chose Mijumaru. They will all be on Lv. 10.
WARNING: Leveling up the elemental monkeys is difficult in the beginning. One reason is because of weak STAB moves. They won’t be really usable until Level 22 when they all learn their strong STAB move. I suggest teaching Cheer Up(TM 83)

Continued…after cutting the tree, Bell stops by.

Bell: Oh, you’re also looking for this mysterious pokemon?

Bell walks ahead of you. When you walk past her to examine you hear a pokemon cry.

Bell: Hey! Hey! What was that sound over there? Hey! Hey! Let’s go look!

Well what do you know…A Munna.


Munna running off…

Bell: Ah! Wait!

Black/White follow it, until two plasma grunts came running from the other side.

???: Look a Munna!

Team Plasma Surrounding the Munna

???: Hey! Hey! Doesn’t it drop Dream Smoke?

Munna: ….Muu!

Bell: Just a second!! Just you are you guys? What are you doing?

???: You want to know about us? We are Team Plasma who liberate pokemon from people who neglect pokeon everyday!

Team Plasma: What are you doing? Munna and Musharna are pokemon who releases mystious gas called Dream smoke, that can take forms of various dreams that you can’t seem to see. To show those dreams to people and manipulate their hearts!

Munna: Mu…Nyu…

Team Plasma: Come on! Drop the Dream Smoke!

Bell: You going to use dream smoke to influence pokemon? That’s cruel! Why? You’re also trainers are you?

Team Plasma: That’s right. We’re also pokemon trainers, but our motive to fight is different. So we liberate pokemon! We win our fights by snatching away pokemon by sheer force! That said, we will free your pokemon from you!

Bell: Huh? Help Black/White!

EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt
Pokemon: Minezumi[Lv. 10]

NOTE: An easy battle. Just be careful of its Bide move! Sometimes these things can survive so much within 2 turns just to OHKO.

Team Plasma: Who would think children can be that strong?

Team Plasma: Well! I am next!

EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt
Pokemon: Choroneko[Lv. 10]

NOTE: Choronekos are annoying with growling and sand-attacking…

Team Plasma: …..Never! Both of us losing?! But I must get the Dream Smoke!

Team Plasma: Come on! Drop the Dream Smoke!

Bell: Stop it!

A sudden flash of light

Geechisu: What are you two doing?

Another Geechisu appears?

Geechisu: We, Team Plasma dismember people who neglect pokemon!

Another flash, now he’s behind them

Geechisu: That is business!

Team Plasma: Th..This is when we gathered together to address those who defied Master Geechisu!

Team Plasma: uh huh…When someone makes a mistake, they have to pass a judgement of punishment by Master Geechisu….

Team Plasma: Anyhow, let’s apologize immediately and forget about this!

Plasma Grunts runs off… But it looks like the illusion came from a Musharna

???: Munya!

Bell: What was that just then? I guess that Geechisu guy appeared here and there wasn’t real. Perhaps it was a dream? Was it from that pokemon?

???: Wa!

Makomo: (Something…Sorry I missed it)

Musharna: Musha?

Munna: Munii

Musharna and Munna walks off together

Makomo: What is that?

Bell: oh, Mrs. Makomo that was a Musharna, but Team Plasma…(yes, she really didn’t say what they did, XD) to Munna, but Musharna came…What that a Dream? That we saw? If Team Plasma is reporting to the emperor…

Makomo: That’s right. Musharna is Munna’s evolved form. It must’ve know that the Munna was in crisis and used it’s dream power to save it. Wait a minute!

Makomo walks over to item that was left behind by Munna and Musharna

Makomo: Is this Dream Smoke? This completes my research! Come to my house afterwards you two!!

Makomo rushes off home

Bell: What’s the rush for? Black/White, you’re going to go to Makomo’s house? Me? Because I was searching for pokemon some time ago!

NOTE: Now time for some item collecting. Walk in the grass and head left, you’ll receive a PokeBall. To get to the stairs, you have to walk back in the grass and head right. But before you go upstairs, there’s an item hidden in the lower right side of the demolished building. You’ll get a Paralyze Heal. Upstairs, towards the right you’ll get Repel. Towards the upper-left side you’ll get a Potion.

Heading to Makomo’s lab/room…

Makomo(excited by jumping): Yes Yes! Thanks to you getting the dream smoke, various trainer reports can be collected! Thank you truly! Apart from my graditude, you can use C Gear anytime! C Gear has Infra-Red, Wireless, and Wifi. I’ll go get you the device.

Black/White received C Gear

NOTE: It’s now going to ask you if you want to turn it on. If you don’t have a Japanese DSi, it doesn’t really matter if it’s on or not, as it won’t work anyways. But if you prefer to have it off, choose the second option, then the first(basically you saying no, and confirming you saying no). Also, it will now ask you this everytime you turn on your game. It’s not some corrupted data information, XD!

Makomo: The C Gear’s Power Button is on the lower right side of the screen. (More info on the C Gear, basically going to skip as I doubt anyone bought a *** DSi besides, me, XD)

NOTE: I just started skipping at this point so I don’t know what she was asking about, so it’s alright to say yes(1st option).

Makomo’s sister, Shouro approaches Black/White

Shouro: Ah, Trainer! Thank you for helping my sister! Please take this.

Black/White obtained Pal Pad(ともだちてちょう)

Shouro: (talking about the uses of Pal Pad, I’m just going to skip this too)

NOTE: All that’s left to do now is…NOTHING! Time to head out to Route 3!

LMSSI Clan Shop
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Platinum FC: 3953 9424 1944[OU Battle] PBR FC: 2536-2876-2971 Pokemon White JPN FC: 3224 1436 6447

Pokemon Black/White Walkthrough