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The door slowly creaked open; I peered in nervously, my head only popping out of the side. I knew I had come to the right place once one of the two people inside looked at me confidently, expectant of my arrival. The same person gave a short smile, before presenting me with some official documents. "This is just in case anything goes wrong, just saying that we aren't responsible for anything which happens in the park." He explained, smiling sweetly. Seeing the slightly worried expression on my face, he changed moods to a more serious tone, and added, "Oh, don't worry. Nothing's gone wrong before."

I took the forms, grabbed a pen that he offered, before imprinting my signature onto the sheets. As I passed them back, I noticed a small, purple cat-like creature purring softly down by the rangers feet. I almost instantly recognised it as an Espeon, and that it excelled in special attacks. It would definitely help me out if I got into any sticky situations.

"Okay," Ranger Brisbane continued. "You want to go to the Great Lakes, right?" I gave him a single nod, but remained silent. "Great, walk with me, and we'll get there quickly, as to not waste time. C'mon, let's go!"

I followed him anxiously, waiting for my adventure to begin.

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