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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

Chapter 2 Part 2

Deep Yaguruma Forest[DYF]
EVENT Battle:
Plasma Grunt(4x)

Kurumiru[Lv. 14-17], Fushide[Lv. 14-17], Monmen(Pokemon Black)/Churine(Pokemon White)[Lv. 14-]

Pokemon Trainers
Schoolboy Osamu
Munna[Lv. 17]

Lass Kana
Koromori[Lv. 15], Koromori[Lv. 15], Koromori[Lv. 15]

Schoolgirl Mirii
Mamepato[Lv. 16], Choroneko[Lv. 16]

Twins Mayo & Maya
Kurumiru[Lv. 16] & Kurumiru[Lv. 16]

Pokemon Ranger Molito
Haaderia[Lv. 18]
-Chesto Berry

Youngster Katsumi
Fushide[Lv. 16], Dokkoraa[Lv. 16]

Pokemon Ranger Kiri
Yanappu[Lv. 18]
-Chesto Berry

Pokemon Ranger Yasuko
Hiyappu[Lv. 18]
-Pecha Berry

Pokemon Ranger Miguel
Baoppu[Lv. 18]
-Pecha Berry

Big Root, Super Potion, Poison Heal, Paralyze Heal, Grass Knot(TM 86)

Arti: Hey. Yaguruma Forest shows signs of having 2 pairs(of grunts). You look deeper into the, and I’ll look that way. I’ll chase after the one’s straight ahead. Even if they try to escape, I’ll close off the gateway exit. (Facing direction of where he want’s you to go) You will follow this route to chase after Team Plasma. There’s also a lot of trainers that may battle you along the way. So be careful. Argh! Why isn’t Aloe doing this?

NOTE: let’s head north first to battle the few trainers that are around there. It’s not use to talking to Arti about anything, he’ll just tell you to go back and look for the Plasma Grunts.
You should now head back and battle the twins, you’ll be faced against a Plasma Grunt soon.

EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt
Meguroko[Lv. 16]

NOTE: This thing has Swagger. It could end up being annoying…

NOTE: There’s an item past the first grunt around that southern patch of grass. It’s the Big Root. After that it’s time to face the next grunt.

EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt
Choroneko[Lv. 16]

NOTE: Sand Attack to annoy you. If Team Plasma isn’t confusing you, then your accuracy must be getting lower…One or another

NOTE: That big green rock you see surrounded by grass is the Mossy Rock that is supposed to be used to evolve Eevee into Leafeon this gen. The item towards the left of the Pokemon Ranger is a Super Potion. As you progress farther into the forest, you’ll see an item in a stump, that is a Poison Heal.
Soon is the next Plasma Grunt Battle.

EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt
Minezumi[Lv. 16]

NOTE: Sand Attack and Detect for annoying stall.

NOTE: After the Grunt battle, when you continue down, you’ll see another item in a stump. It’s a Paralyze Heal.
After fighting against the last Pokemon Ranger, we’ll make a detour before we face the last Plasma Grunt. First go down into the area with the large amount of grass to go get that item that’s so deep into the area, XD! It’s the TM Grass Knot. It’s in the upper right area.

Team Plasma: You followed me? My team would never be defeated by the likes of a child! Life or Death! I will win!

EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt
Minezumi[Lv. 14], Minezumi[Lv. 14], Meguroko[Lv. 14]

NOTE: They all like doing the same thing. It should be no problem.

Team Plasma: I understand. I’ll return the stolen bone.

Black/White received Dragon Bone

Team Plasma: This time we….Now we are going to make our King sad for losing one of his possessions.

Asura: Are you okay? We pledge to our king until the death.

Team Plasma: One of the 7 sages! He will regret causing trouble and taking things from under our noses.

Asura: Good. Let’s abandon the Dragon Bone this time. We will search for another outcome to our examination since it’s unrelated to the legendary pokemon.

Looking at Black/White now…

Asura: But do not underestimate us. You will experience pain one day.

Arti: Aah, good! I came to see if everything was okay because the bug pokemon were making a fuss. I woud’ve came to defeat the men sometime ago.

Aloe on the scene now

Aloe: Black/White! Arti! Those other guys didn’t take anything else. Oh so is this guy their boss?

Asura: I am one of Team Plasma’s Seven Sages. The same Seven Sages that tells Geechisu to spread the word about liberating pokemon! The rest of the Seven Sages’ groups command powerful pokemon by force. But this is a bit wrong. (something about Arti and Aloe) But we will liberate pokemon from their trainers! (More deep info…Brain hurting at this point, XD)

Screen fades out and Team Plasma left

Aloe: They surely are quick. Are you feeling alright after the chase Arti?

Arti: No…I don’t understand…(something, XD)

NOTE: Yeah something happened. I need to study more Japanese. At least we got some info, XD. Aloe gives you a Moon Stone for recovering the Dragon Bone. Now instead of leaving by going all the way back around, leave from the right side. You’ll end up getting an Item(Miracle Seed).
I also recommend that now you have Dowsing Machine, is to go back to places you went in the past to get any not known items. From this point forward, I will include hidden items.

Chapter 2 CLEAR!
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Pokemon Black/White Walkthrough

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