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Default Re: [SC2] Dominion of Psionic Swarms

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
Ha ha, I just can't stomach Zerg. Even when I get bored of playing Terran and Protoss... I just can't bring myself to tolerate them. XD

And I haven't played any turret defense games either. My computer can just barely handle 2vs2 games but that's it. Going any further than that is really pushing it...
I just don't have the worker/unit/teching sense at the moment. I just have a hard time finding what to do to hold off zerg swarms.

Originally Posted by Hoshika View Post
All my best friends main Protoss except two of them. ,:I

I like the lack of a million hotkeys for production and the mobility. And creep is the best land-sight thing ever.
Protoss is just so easy to do with a powerful and easy strategy that most newer players can't deal with at all. For zerg, the exchange is that your defenses suck and you can't turtle well (whereas Terran is the best at the turtles).

Also, great game:
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