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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

Chapter 2 is here. and I rushed the last little bit of it. Sorry guys. Just as info would've been getting interesting...

And PE2k can't hold the whole thing so I have to cut it into 2 parts, XD.

EDIT: Now I don't have enough space for my Sig to hold the LINKs, xD. I think I'm done, but if you want to know about where to find a pokemon. If you got all the items from an area or whatever, just let me know.

Chapter 2: Test your knowledge and battle at Shippou City’s Museum! The Basic Badge!

Route 3[RT3]

EVENT Battle:

Yorterrie[Lv. 8-12], Choroneko, Mamepato[Lv. 8-12], Shimama[Lv. 8-12]

Pokemon Trainers:
Nurturer Akiho
Yorterrie[Lv. 10], Munna[Lv. 10]

Kindergartener Ushio
Hiyappu[Lv. 10]

Kindergartener Matsuri
Baoppu[Lv. 10]

Kindergartener Minoru
Yanappu[Lv. 10]

Twins Kumi & Lumi
Choroneko[Lv. 10] & Choroneko[Lv. 10]

*Pokemon Breeder Tomomi(Look for (*)this icon for info/location of this trainer)
Minezumi[Lv. 9], Yorterrie[Lv. 9], Mamepato[Lv. 9]
-Receives Oran Berry

Schoolboy Earl
Shimama[Lv. 13]

Schoolgirl Sawako
Koromori[Lv. 13]

Schoolgirl Mizuho
Minezumi[Lv. 12], Choroneko[Lv. 12]

Schoolboy Shouhei
Mamepato[Lv. 12], Dangoro[Lv. 12]

Items: Super Potion, Repel, Poison Heal, Great Ball, Awakening

NOTE: Let’s go up to see the Kindergarteners before we proceed down Route 3. There’s a Day Care Center on the right side of the school. There’s nothing inside other than getting healed by the school teacher. When you try to enter the playground you have to battle a teacher. Afterwards, you can battle against the 3 kindergarteners in the playground, each with an elemental monkey.

Cheren walking behind you…

Cheren: Black/White, stop! One such as ourselves should see whom is stronger!

EVENT Battle
Tsutarja/Pokabu/Mijumaru[Lv. 14], Choroneko[Lv. 12]
NOTE: Another easy rival battle. You know what to do.

Cheren: I see. That fight was kind of imperfect.

???: Step aside! Step aside!

Two Plasma Grunts ran past you!

Cheren: What was that just now? Uh, Bell? Why are you running?

Bell: Hey! Which way did those guys go?

Cheren: That way. So why are you running?

Bell: Argh! Already! They’re getting away!!

Little Girl: ….Lady? ….My pokemon?

Bell: Everything will be fine! It’ll be okay, so don’t cry!

Cheren: …So uh, Bell, is that why you were running?

Bell: Listen! Those guys tooks someone’s pokemon some time ago!

Cheren: We’ll follow them! Black/White, go recover your pokemon! Bell! You stay here with the girl!

Cheren runs off to chase the grunts

NOTE: The item in that patch of grass is a Super Potion. Be sure to grab it. (*)Now before you go talk to Cheren to face the Plasma Grunts you can battle the woman that is in the patch of grass next to the cave you’ll need to enter. She will give you an Oran Berry after the battle. Towards the southern patch of grass where the woman is, there is an item there. It’s a Repel. Time to go speak to Cheren.

Cheren: They hid in this cave. Well, Black/White, are your pokemon ready? Well, let’s go. (Search for [UWV] to skip to the cave scene with Cheren. Then continue the story back here)

Cheren enters the cave


Bell: Black/White, thank you truly! You helped save 2 pokemon. I’m truly glad to be your friend!

Little Girl: Thank you, Mister! Here’s this for my graditude!

Black/White received Heal Ball.

Bell: Oh! A Heal Ball! (explanation on what it does…) Well, Bye bye!

NOTE: Near Schoolboy Earl, there’s a Poison Heal(Item).

Cheren stops you again…

Cheren: Black/White stop! You see that dark grass over there? There’s a possibility you may enter a double battle when you run in that grass. You will hear different battle music start up than usual to let you know you’re entering a double battle. Well, I am going to Shippou City.

NOTE: Before you cross the bridge, go down pass the little patch to get a Great Ball. Of course, when you pass the bridge you will find another item. This item is Awakening.

Underground Water Vein[UWV]

EVENT Battle:
Plasma Grunt
Plasma Grunt & Plasma Grunt

Dangoro[Lv. 10-13](Common), Koromori[Lv. 10-13](Uncommon)

Item: Thief(TM 46)

Cheren: Black/White! These guys are having a conversation about leading others into trouble!

Team Plasma: That girl thinks can control a pokemon! Doesn’t that sound pitiful? We, Team Plasma treat pokemon the same as us. Perhaps we should take your pokemon too!

EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt
Minezumi[Lv. 12]

NOTE: Be careful of Bide move.

Team Plasma: Why? Why were we defeated?

Cheren: It as one should expect, right, Black/White? Well, return that pokemon that you stole.

Random Outburst

???: We will not return it!

Two more Plasma Grunts approach.

Team Plasma: Now this should be difficult. (Something about apologizing…or something, XD). We will teach you about correct unity in fighting together!

Cheren: What is that again? You seriously aren’t considering to do a double battle?

Cheren looks at Black/White

EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt & Plasma Grunt
Minezumi[Lv. 12] & Minezumi[Lv. 12]

NOTE: Nothing much to worry about.

Team Plasma: We will free the pokemon from you selfish humans!

Cheren: Oh come on…You’re all really starting to become a bother. You really don’t have an excuse to take other’s pokemon do you?

Team Plasma: You can’t understand how pokemon are harassed by unknown trainers.

Cheren: Why can’t we understand how pokemon are harassed by trainers?

Team Plasma: We will return the pokemon. But that pokemon will be used pitifully by people. One day, people will realize their own carelessness.

Screen blacks out. Team Plasma left.

Cheren: Trainers can draw out a pokemon’s power. A trainer believes in rewarding their pokemon. Well…Black/White, I will return the pokemon.

Cheren leaves

NOTE: Don’t leave just yet. There’s a TM in here. It’s Thief. I know, big deal, xD.

Shippou City

EVENT Battle
N, Aroe

Chirune/Monmen(Version exclusive trade)

Items: Miracle Seed/Charcoal/Mystic Water, Retaliation(TM 67)

Cheren: Come here for a second…First head straight towards the Pokemon Center. Afterwards (something about an errand or messege).

Black/White received Chesto Berry.

Cheren: The Chesto Berry will awaken your pokemon. Also, here’s some advice. Shippou’s Gym Leader uses normal type. It’s suggested to get a fighting type pokemon.

NOTE: The 3rd house from the entrance has a woman at the top of the stairs requesting a trade for a Monmen(Black Version)/Chirune(White Version); depending on your game version, she will trade you for the opposite grass type, so if you catch a Monmen on black, you can trade with her to get a Chirune! The house on the far lower left, there is a girl that will ask you which starter you started with(1. Tsutarja, 2. Pokabu, 3. Mijumaru). When you tell her, she will give you a type boost item depending on the type of your starter pokemon(I don’t know if you can lie to her and get Charcoal if you have Mijumaru/etc). Try to avoid the white building in town for now. It’s the museum where we will face Aloe. Not much else to do other than to catch new pokemon in the Yaguruma Forest!

Yaguruma Forest[YF]

Mamepato[Lv. 12-15], Dokkoraa[Lv. 12-15], Otamaro[Lv. 12-17], Nageki[Lv. 12-17], Dageki[Lv. 12-15]

Pokemon Trainers:
*Nurse Masami(Look for (*)this icon for info/location of this trainer)
Munna[Lv. 15]

Kindergartener Kotono
Monmen[Lv. 13], Chirune[Lv. 13]

Kindergartener Ouchi
Dangoro[Lv. 14]

Youngster Keita
Otamaro[Lv. 13], Otamaro[Lv. 13], Otamaro[Lv. 13]

Youngster Retsuji
Fushide[Lv. 14], Yorterrie[Lv. 14]

Karate Girl Li
Dokkoraa[Lv. 16]

Black Belt Kentarou
Dokkoraa[Lv. 16]

Rock Smash(TM 94), Ether, Great Ball, Poison Heal, Net Ball

NOTE: As soon as you enter Yaruguma Forest, talk to the red-clothed boy/girl. He/She will give you the TM Rock Smash. The path leading towards the left is YaGAruma Forest, but you can’t acces it yet because a group of Team Plasma are blockading the area and are having a meeting. (*)To battle Nurse Masami, you actually will have to talk to her. She is wearing all pink and her overworld avatar actually looks like a Nurse. When you defeat her, you can talk to her anytime to heal your pokemon for free(portable PokeCenter, :D). After beating Nurse Masami, walk in the inside of the fence and follow the path as if you’re going back to Shippou. At the end of the path, you’ll find an Ether. On the right side of the Kindergartners, there’s a Great Ball. There’s a Super Potion in the lower left section of the forest(next to the dark green/Double-battle grass). There’s a Poison Heal in between Youngster Keita and Youngster Retsuji. The last item(Net Ball), is past Black Belt Kentarou, going down the set of stairs that is past him. Once you’re done leveling your pokemon go ahead and head back to Shippou to face the Gym Leader.

Continued…as you approach the Museum. You run into N.

N: I am someone who wants to see any and everything. Pokemon being kept in a ball is a dream said who said it as if it ought to be. Pokemon will be overjoyed in the future. Do you also want to see? Well, me and my friends can see the future. I will ??? you.

EVENT Battle
Pokemon Trainer N
Mamepato[Lv. 13], Otamaro[Lv. 13], Dokkoraa[Lv. 13]

NOTE: haha, my pokemon were way overpowered at this point, XD. Since I went to the forest first to catch a new pokemon and level up for the gym.

N: Now my friends can’t rescue the pokemon. The world is waiting for my plan to be revealed. My power is necessary….Anyone can agree to power….It’s important to know power…A hero and friends arrived to the Isshu Region. The Legendary pokemon, Reshiram! I will become friends with you(as in Reshiram)!

N walks off

Random guy starts talking to you as you approach the huge statue

Random Guy: Wow! I would’ve loved to excavate this fossil!

Turns and see you

Random Guy: Hello, I am the Chief Assistant, Kidachi. This is a recently discovered fossil. Let me give you a tour! This is a Dragon type fossil. Perhaps its home is somewhere around the world. Some sort of disaster happened for it to become fossilized.

Walk over to some rock

Kidachi: This rock is amazing. It’s a meteorite! It hides some sort of cosmic energy.

And walks over to White(Pokemon Black)/Black(Pokemon White) stone.

Kidachi: Aah, this is just a old precious rock. It was found at an auction as an antique. Well, since it’s very pretty, we put it out as a display.

Walks over to gym entrance

Kidachi: This is the pokemon gym. Give your all on the gym leader. The gym leader Aloe is my wife.


Pokemon Trainers:
Schoolboy Yoshio
Minezumi[Lv. 17]

Researcher Satomi
Haaredia[Lv. 17]

Schoolgirl Noriko
Yorterrie[Lv. 15], Yorterrie[Lv. 15], Yorterrie[Lv. 15]

Fresh Water

NOTE: GO buy some Super Potions before you play here. You get another Fresh Water from the old guy. This gym/museum is a questionnaire. I really don’t feel like put up all those questions, XD. But this one is really easy, just approach the bookshelf and start tapping A as if you really don’t care about what it’s saying. There’s a question on for each bookcase. But you have to complete the left side first, then the right side. And it has to be in order of how you entered the room(so the closest bookshelfs will always be first).

Aloe: Welcome! I am the Shippou Chief of the Museum and the Shippou Gym Leader. I am Aloe! So, I see a challenger has came to battle. I’ll make you research more before you can try to battle me!

EVENT Battle
Gym Leader Aloe
Haaredia[Lv. 18], Miruhog[Lv. 20]

Recommended Level w/Fighting type pokemon: 20
Recommended Level w/o Fighting type pokemon: 22

NOTE: Haaredia can HURT so badly with STAB Take Down so early in the game. Miruhog can kill with STAB Retaliation(not to mention boost for killing off Haaredia). Be prepared! If you need an area to level grind: level at Yaguruma forest by facing Nageki/Dageki.

Aloe: That was such an amazing battle! I hand you the Basic Badge.

Black/White received the Basic Badge.

Aloe: Pokemon up to level 30 will now obey. Also, take this TM.

Black/White received Retaliation(TM 67)

Aloe: Retaliation allows your pokemon to deal 2x as much damage to foes that KO’d your pokemon!

Sudden Shout

???: Honey!!

Kidachi running frantically in the gym

Kidachi: Honey!! It’s bad! Really bad! A group that call themselves Team Plasma are going to a bone!

Aloe: What? What do you mean?! Black/White! Come with me!

Aloe runs off to see what’s going on…

Aloe: Just a minute you! That doesn’t belong to you!!

Team Plasma: And you’re the Gym Leader. We Team Plasma will free the pokemon. We’re taking this Dragon Type Bone. We’ll teach you a lesson by snatching this bone right in front of you. Now, the smokescreen! Plasma! Plasma!

Screen fills with smoke and they disappeared

Aloe: Damn…

Aloe runs outside

Kidachi: A, ah!? You have to chase after them.

Aloe looking searching to spot one of the Plasma grunts. And then a man walks up to her.

???: Hey Aloe, are you discovering more fossils?

Aloe: Are you stifling me again? Black/White! This gentlemen is Hiun City’s Gym leader, Arti!

Arti: huh? I wonder what’s with the sudden change of your mood? There isn’t thing dreadful going on is there?

Aloe: There is! The exhibit has been broken into by someone!
Bell is walking towards you

Bell: Hey, hey, Black/White. What’s going on with everyone gathering around?

Now Cheren wants to know what’s going on…

Cheren: …..Black/White, Is there a problem?

Aloe: A big problem. And you children are?....His friends? … … … …(I guess this is the part where they fill them in, XD) Bell and Cheren….Oh so you’re trainers! If that’s the case then I’m glad that you came to help. So, all of you! Bell and Cheren, sit here and watch the Museum. And Arti and Black/White will search in Yaguruma Forest! Is that good? Arti, will show you the way. Well, best be seeing you!

Arti: Well now….You…You’re Black/White? Well let’s go. We have criminals to get rid of.

Arti walks off to the forest.
Bell: Oh, Black/White. This is for you! It’s the Dowsing Machine! It’s from Makomo!

Black/White received Dowsing Machine!

Bell: [explanation on how to use it.](NOTE: it is NOT needed for this little quest we need to do. It's very simple on how to use it. When you do turn it on, it changes your screen to a blue screen with 2 rods pointing at an angle. All you have to do is walk around and the rods will begin to point at the direction of where the item is. And it shows some item icon when you're directly above it)

Cheren: So all we have to do is guard the Museum?

Bell: Oh, me too!

When you see Arti on the road in Yaguruma Forest

Arti: This end is Yaguruma Forest. They certainly would have trouble escaping here.

Arti heads off to Deep Yaguruma Forest.

NOTE: We’re now going to go into Yagaruma Forest where the area was blocked off by Team Plasma.

LMSSI Clan Shop
Diamond FC: 1763 3039 2213[Kanto/Johto Trade] Heart Gold FC: 3266 8515 4365[N/A] Soul Silver FC: 5285 7922 5054[Hoenn/Sinnoh Trade/Battle]
Platinum FC: 3953 9424 1944[OU Battle] PBR FC: 2536-2876-2971 Pokemon White JPN FC: 3224 1436 6447

Pokemon Black/White Walkthrough

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