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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

Chapter 3 is here finally guys!

Chapter 3
NOTE: Talk to the Hiker that is in the gateway that is between Yaguruma Forest & Sky Arrow Bridge. He will give you Quick Claw.
Hiun City

EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt

Pokemon Trainers
Dancer Mickey
Yanappu[Lv. 21]

Dancer Edmond
Hiyappu[Lv. 21]

Dancer Raymond
Baoppu[Lv. 21]

Leaf Stone/Fire Stone/Water Stone(only one of them), Rest(TM 44), Flash(TM 70), Lemonade, Amulet Coin, Attract(TM 45), Smoke Ball

NOTE: You receive the Elemental Stone on the first dock that is near the entrance. A scientist will ask you which monkey do you have(Yanappu/Baoppu/Hiyappu; in this order), whichever one you choose, he will give you that item.
There is a building on the Main Street(I am calling the same street that has the PokeCenter Main Street, XD) that is called Battle Company letís head there for some battles and nice items. Itís the building thatís on the left of the Pokemon Center.
Battle Company[BC]

NOTE: Youíll know youíre in the Battle Company Building when an old man wearing green spots you, talk to you for a brief moment and then runs up the elevator. Letís investigate each floor.

Floor 47

Pokemon Trainers
Office Lady Michiko
Haaderia[Lv. 19]

Salary Man Katsunori
Dokkoraa[Lv. 19]

Office Lady Momoko
Churine[Lv. 18], Monmen[Lv. 18]

Scientist Naoyuki
Dangoro[Lv. 19]

Salary Man Hironobu
Basurao[Lv. 17], Basurao[Lv. 17], Basurao[Lv. 17]

Quick Ball, Timer Ball, Revive, Scope Lens

NOTE: Talk to the businessman thatís on the right of Michiko and youíll get a Quick Ball & Timer Ball. Item in left corner is a Revive. The scientist will give you Scope Lens that is by himself in the right corner.

Floor 55

Salary Man Kazuya
Koromori[Lv. 20]

Researcher Akari
Munna[Lv. 20]

Scientist Steve
Kurumiru[Lv. 20]

Businessman Kouichi
Baoppu[Lv. 19], Hiyappu[Lv. 19], Yanappu[Lv. 19]

Janitor Shinosuke
Yabukuron[Lv. 20], Chillarmy[Lv. 20]

Hyper Potion, EXP Share

NOTE: What? Itís actually a Janitor?! What is he doing sitting at the desk, XD? Beating him will get you EXP Share.
Okay, for the streets on this city, I will be labeling them by numbers. 1, 2, 3, and 4. 4 will be the one that is the farthest from the gateway entrance and 1 will be the closest.
On Street 1, inside the building on the left, there is a woman that is willing to massage your pokemon. This is great for people that have Koromories and Kurumayus that they want to evolve. On floor 11 of that building, if you talk to the Hiker, you will get Rest(TM 44).
Street 2 doesnít have anything important that I know of at the moment. I do know on Tuesdays you can buy Hiun Ice Cream from the parlor that is standing on the side of this street.
Street 3 is actually an alley, XD. You get Flash from here when a man jumps out to try and scare you. The building thatís in the alley is a Bar. If you talk to the Bar Man, he will give you Lemonade.
Street 4 is the street that has the Gym. Thereís also a building here where you will confront Team Plasma.
The Square(or circle, haha): This area is where the 4 streets connect. Talk to the dancer, he will ask you if you want to battle. After doing that, he will ask you if you can find his other 2 dancing friends for him(they look exactly the same). One is in the alley(street 3). And the last one is on one of the docks. He is on dock 4(second dock from the farthest left, or you could just go down the alley, and itís that very dock that is below you). They give you the Amulet Coin for reuniting them.
Final Area: Okay, letís go the street that takes us to the gateway of Route 4. Here we can get a few more items. First go the first building on the right. Talk to the security guard that is blocking the elevator. Heíll let you pass after talking to someone from upstairs. Talk to the girl in the center of the room and youíll get Attract(TM 45). The building on the left has the Nickname changer inside. Heís the bald man. Letís head to the buiding on the upper right now. Talk to the scientist on the 1st floor and heíll give you the Evolution Stone(VERY useful!).

Now: Thereís nothing else to do but to go to the gym, XD. But once you step at the entrance you get stopped by Cheren(heís coming out of the gym), and soon afterwards Arti is running out. Something is going on, we have to head to the dock in the middle. After plot details, head left and youíll see Arti scouting to see where the Plasma Grunt ran off to. Follow him.
EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt
Meguroko[Lv. 17], Meguroko[Lv. 17]

NOTE: an easy battle, they just like lowering your accuracy.
NOTE: After plot details with Plasma, Iris gives you a Yache Berry and leaves with Bell. The item on the floor is Smoke Ball. Okay, now we can face the Gym leader, XD!
Hiun City Gym

Pokemon Trainers
Clown Jack
Kurumiru[Lv. 20], Fushide[Lv. 20]

Clown Kerry
Kurumiru[Lv. 20], Ishizumai[Lv. 20]

Clown Rick
Kurumiru[Lv. 21]

Clown Yousuke
Fushide[Lv. 20], Kurumiru[Lv. 20]
EVENT Battle
Hoiiga[Lv. 21], Ishizumai[Lv. 21], Hahakomori[Lv. 23]

NOTE: Very easy battle. Any pokemon with supereffective moves will do.
You receive the Beetle Badge and Bug Resistance(TM 76).

Once you leave you get a call from your Live Caster. Itís from Bell telling you to meet her at the gateway that leads to Route 4. Well, this is the end of Chapter 3.

LMSSI Clan Shop
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Pokemon Black/White Walkthrough

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