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Default Re: URPG Related Chat, Questions and Suggestions

I'm new to URPG and plan on doing alot of battling so I started planing on future events like TM's and evolveing and such. So I look at Sneasel to see that for it to evolve I need 7 battles + Razor Claw. So I go to the Pokemart and find the price on it with the evolutionary items, and on the next post it talks about Held items effects so I clicked the link. I go there and find alot of items and King's Rock (Which was in the post selling evolutionary items)is there but Razor Claw and Razor Fang aren't ,but on the games when held the Razor Claw "ups the holder's critical-hit ratio." and Razor Fang "May cause the foe to flinch when the holder inflicts damage"

Why aren't they there?

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