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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

I have to squeeze a way in for this next chapter, XD. Well, chapter 5 is up now, .

@DSL: I do have an idea. But its nothing to much.

Chapter 5: Battle in a Cowboy’s Tunneling Mine! The Quake Badge!

Route 5

EVENT Battle
Kindergarteners Mimiko & Toyoya

Gochimu(Black)/Yuniran(White), Yabakuron, Chillarmy[Lv. 19-22], Emonga[Lv. 19-22],

Pokemon Trainers
Backpacker Chihiro
Munna[Lv. 23]

Backpacker Michael
Gamagaru[Lv. 23]

Bakery Morika
Baoppu[Lv. 21], Hiyappu[Lv. 21], Yanappu[Lv. 21]

Clown Paul
Hoiiga[Lv. 22], Hoiiga[Lv. 22]

Guitarist Joey
Shimama[Lv. 22], Shimama[Lv. 22]
-Eleci Guitar(Musical item)

Dancer Takuya
Darumakka[Lv. 22], Darumakka[Lv. 22]

Painter Johnathon
Shinporah[Lv. 23]

Great Ball, Revive, Zinc,
Cheren: Black/White Stop! Now that we have the Volt Badge, let’s see who is stronger!

EVENT Battle
Leparudasu[Lv. 24], Hatohbo[Lv. 24], Hiyappu/Baoppu/Yanappu[Lv. 24], Janobi/Chaobu/Futachimaru[Lv. 26]

NOTE: Try not to run from Leparudasu; it has Pursuit, and it loves to smack you with Swagger. Any of the monkeys can be annoying in a way(whether it’s Boiling Water/Yawn/Leech Seed; in the same order as the monkey listed above). The other two should be easy work.

Cheren:…Why? Why did I lose?

Kamitsure arrives

Kamitsure: So both of you are friends…That’s good. To mutally friendly towards one another. Well, let’s go.

???: Oh! I thought you couldn’t come!

Firey-haired man approaches the group

???: The festival is going good! It’s difficult not to enjoy yourself!

Cheren: … Who is this guy?

Kamitsure: He’s Adeku, the Isshu Region Champion.

Cheren: Champion!? Why is the champion in a place like this?

Adeku: That is a bit harsh to hear from someone young. Nice to meet you. My name is Adeku, the Isshu Region Champion. By the way, I am enjoying myself because I am tired of journeying. I know every corner of the Isshu Region!

Cheren: I am Cheren from Kanoko Town. My goal is to risk it all to become a Champion.

Adeku: Woah! To travel and risk it all is a wonderful thing! And you plan to become the champion?

Cheren: (something goes here, xD)? To become the strongest trainer. That of a champion.

Adeku: hmm…to become strong…To become strong…Is that goal alone good enough? Not at all. It does not mean that your ideas will prevent you from you goal though. I get various people to like pokemon(something like that, XD). That is also something to consider. (something else I don’t quite get)

Turns to look at some folks

Adeku: Heey! You come here for a bit.

Cheren: I understand now. Well, before that…

Cheren healed Black/White’s pokemon.

Cheren: Well let’s go.

EVENT Battle
Kindergarteners Mimiko & Toyoya
Haaderia[Lv. 26] & Haaderia[Lv. 26]

NOTE: This is a double battle with Cheren. Haaderias are overrated. I can’t stand STAB Take Downs. This thing is definitely going to make it to at least UU in this upcoming metagame.

Adeku: That was a great battle you two! Your pokemon look great! (Something about Cheren and his viewpoint)

Kamitsure: Well let’s go to the Hodomoe bridge soon.

Cheren: What a strong champion! So that wasn’t the answer.
Cheren runs off.

NOTE: First, let’s head into the grass area before we progress towards the bridge. There are two backpackers you can face back here. The first item that you see is near the first backpacker, which is a Great Ball. The item near Backpacker Michael is a Revive. Walk down the dark green grass and you’ll find another item. It is the vitamin, Zinc. There’s nothing to do inside the trailer yet because the woman is asking for a Key Item that smells nice, which is something we don’t have just yet. Now when you head back to the area where Adeku is located, make sure you talk to some of the trainers(such as the bakery woman) because they do not “spot” you.

Cheren: Over here.

Kamitsure: Well now, I’ll contact them. It’s me. You can take down the drawbridge. You have trainers to challenge. Yes, thanks. Now, watch!

Drawbridge is coming down.

Kamitsure: Since I have TV work, I have to go. The next town’s gym leader is a quirky old man, but try your best you two.

Cheren: …I am a trainer. I will become strong. I will prove myself.

Hadomoe Drawbridge

EVENT Battle

Koaruhii[Lv. 22-25]

Healthy Feather[HP], Strength Feather[Att], Fresh Feather[Def], Intelligent Feather[SpA], Resilient Feather[SpD], Excellent Feather[Spe], Beautiful Feather[Random?]
NOTE: There is only one pokemon found in this area. It is the basic form of Swanna, Koaruhii. This is the only way how you can catch them. You can only battle them by spotting out shadow spots that appear(It looks as if some round object that is high up is drifting down towards the ground. You’ll also hear a sound of wing-flapping) You won’t battle a Koaruhii all the time though. There’s a new EV raising item that are feathers. These items can go past the 100 limit mark of vitamins, but they only raise up an EV by 1. These items help make it legal to EV train a pokemon that is already on level 100.

Hadomoe City

EVENT Battle

Pokemon Battle
Biker Charles
Zebraika[Lv. 27] & Warubiru[Lv. 27] & Basurao[Lv. 27]

Heart Scale, Big Pearl, Fly(HM 02), Ultra Ball, Expert Belt, Repeat Ball

Man: Hmph! So you’re the trainer Kamitsure was taking about. I’m this town’s Gym Leader, Yakon! Well, I can’t welcome you just yet. When lowered the bridge, we were trying to capture Team Plasma.

Cheren: They’re so troublesome…I thank you for lowering the bridge, but this is unrelated, isn’t it?

Yakon: Well, whatever. What’s important is that you came. And Team Plasma is escaping downtown. (Asking them something) Also… If you manage to locate team plasma, then the gym will be accepting challenges. In other words GIVE AND TAKE.

Cheren: Understood. Well we have to look for Team Plasma. I wonder if the troublesome group have became any stronger. Black/White! I will go this way.

NOTE: In the PokeCenter, if you talk to the girl upstairs, she will give you 3 Repeat Balls. The second house from enter Hodomoe City gives you access to teach your starters the one of the following move tutors: Grass Oath, Fire Oath, or Water Oath. You’ll see this big Tent/Tarp(or whatever) on the left-middle side of town: Enter that place, it’s like a mart. With your Dowsing Machine on, you can find a Heart Scale. Also, if you talk to the security guy and show him a Lv. 30 pokemon(not really, just have one in your party), he will give you an Expert Belt. Leave the mart. Now enter the mart from the left side and you can get that item on the floor(Big Pearl). When you exit again, talk to the biker, he will Rotation Battle(Black)/Triple Battle(White) you. Unfortunately, there isn’t much else to do in town. Let’s head down south towards the Freezing Container.

Freezing Container

Dokkora[Lv. 20-26], Vanipucchi[Lv. 25], Haaderia[Lv. 26], Chillarmy[Lv. 20-26]

Pokemon Trainers
Youngster Kouhei
Hoiiga[Lv. 24], Kaburumo[Lv. 24]

Youngster Shingo
Bachuru[Lv. 24], Ishizumai[Lv. 24]

Laborer Eddy
Yanappu[Lv. 24], Dokkora[Lv. 24]

Rugged Helmet, Hyper Potion, PP Up, Ether, Dive Ball, Protein, Heart Scale.
NOTE: Head right as if you’re going to face the first youngster, but not just yet. Go down that little pathway that is formed by two buildings. You’ll see a worker. Talk to him and he’ll give you a Rugged Helment(A Held Item that works in the same manner as Rough Skin/Iron Barbs, it stacks with those abilities too!). If you use your Dowsing Machine past the 2nd Youngster, you’ll find a Hyper Potion. Okay, now we can progress down. Across from that vending machine you see in the overworld, you see a tire. Press A there and you’ll find a PP Up. Enter the grass towards your right, and you’ll find an Ether. Use your dowsing machine and keep going right(it’s a narrow path that leads to dark green grass), you’ll find a Dive ball. And the item in the dark green grass is a Protein.

Cheren: Black/White…Do don’t think Team Plasma is in here, do you? It’s cold in there, I don’t know if I can go. That’s a bit of a problem.

NOTE: Before you enter, go around the bit in that patch of grass. At the end of it, you should find a heart scale.

Freezer Room

EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt(4x)

Pokemon Trainer
Laborer Katsuji
Baoppu[Lv. 24], Dokkora[Lv. 24]

Laborer Isaac
Hiyappu[Lv. 24], Dokkora[Lv. 24]

Laborer Genta
Dotekkotsu[Lv. 25]

Laborer Norihiro
Vanipucchi[Lv. 24], Dokkora[Lv. 24]

Laborer Ryan
Dokkora[Lv. 23], Dokkora[Lv. 23], Vanipucchi[Lv. 23]

Net Ball, Boiling Water[TM 55], Burn Heal, Hyper Potion, Nevermeltice

Cheren:…this is it. Whatever it takes as a trainer to become a strong champion. (talk about something )

NOTE: Go upstairs and get the item. It’s a Net ball. Head back downstairs. Now, while you’re on the ice, head towards the ice block. Slide south of the ice block and you’ll find another item. It’s the TM Boiling Water. The next item you see is a burn heal. On the right side of the last Laborer you see, there is another item. That is the Hyper Potion.

Cheren:….? Is there someone in there? Well, let’s go.

Cheren walks up and look in suspicion

Vio: All of you. Come close to me since I’m cold.

Cheren: Well, well. You truly were hiding. (saying something about the cold and outside, XD)

Vio: We’re looking out to our friends which are pokemon. This place is like medicine. You guys kick this fella around.

Plasma Grunt: Understood Master Sage! We won’t let them near you!

Cheren: Black/White! I’ll take half, you take the rest!

EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt 1
Miruhog[Lv. 23], Zuruggu[Lv. 23]

Plasma Grunt 2
Leparudasu[Lv. 24]

Plasma Grunt 3
Yabakuron[Lv. 24]

Plasma Grunt 4
Meguroko[Lv. 23], Miruhog[Lv. 23]

Yakon and some workers enters the icebox

Yakon: Oh! So you were hiding in a cold place like this! You guys, seize these pokemon thiefs!

Workers: Yeah!

Yakon: You guys did a good job. You can now battle me at my gym!

Cheren: Well, well….Team Plasma’s dream…That is separating people from their pokemon…They want pokemon to disappear from this world isn’t the same. What troublesome people. Black/White, I’m going outside.

NOTE: We’re pretty much done in this place. That item on the floor is Nevermeltice. Time to head to the gym.

Cutscene! O.o

Geechisu: Mr. Yakon, nice to meet you. You may call me Geechisu of Team Plasma. (something about his assistance in doing something…)
Yakon: No, no, no, no. I am fine. Your group snatch and take pokemon away.

Geechisu: Oh my, we must have a mistunderstanding. I take away pokemon from bad people only.

Yakon: Oh, I see. (something about being an honest person, speech, bad, XD).

Skipping out on this as I really want to take a break right now, xD!


Pokemon Trainers
Miner Kankichi
Gamagaru[Lv. 28], Moguryu[Lv. 28]

Miner Ginji
Meguroko[Lv. 28], Moguryu[Lv. 28]

Miner Tamotsu
Warubiru[Lv. 29]

Businessman Masashi
Meguroko[Lv. 27], Gamagaru[Lv. 27], Meguroko[Lv. 27]

Businesswoman Etsuko
Moguryu[Lv. 29]

Yakon: Well now…Kamitsure must not have known what she was up against. Show me your skills.
EVENT Battle
Warubiru[Lv. 29], Doryuzu[Lv. 31], Gamagaru[Lv. 29]

Recommended Level w/ Fight/Fire/Ground Pokemon: 30
Recommended Level w/o Fight/Fire/Ground Pokemon: 32

NOTE: Doryuzu may end up being a pain, seeing as it is a Ground/Steel and all. I hope you have a fighting/fire/ground pokemon to take care of it. Be careful of his Gamagaru, it has Muddy Water.

Yakon: That truly was unexpecting! Your age showed battle skills comparatively to mine’s. Your age knows knows what it takes for other people to notice you. Hmm. Take this.

Black/White obtained the Quake Badge

Yakon: It allows pokemon up to level 60 to obey. I’ll be seeing you on Route 6.

NOTE: I like how he justs shuffles our way to the next area without our TM. -_-(We'll get it later)
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