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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

Here's the 2nd part to chapter 6 guys.

Fukiyose City

Guy in Pokemon Center near Nurse Joy tells you your pokemon Hidden Power.

House near pokemon center towards the right has the Move Deleter and Move Relearner inside. The Woman on the upper-left is the Move Relearner, and the Old Man on the upper-right is the Move Deleter.

PokeDex gets powered-up by Araragi. You can now see gender/forms on your pokedex.

Sharp Beak in building that looks like a storage facility of some sort. Talk to one of the people inside.

Free-Fall(TM 58) is next to the airplane that was seen at the entrance of the city.

Repel, Max Elixer, Paralyze Heal

Route 7

Miruhog[Lv. 26-29], Hotohbo[Lv. 26-29], Shikijika[Lv. 26-29], Tamaketake[Lv. 26-29], Zebraika[Lv. 27]

Youngster Akira
Ishizumai[Lv. 30], Yanakki[Lv. 30]

Youngster Tomoki
Gamagaru[Lv. 29], Pendorah[Lv. 29], Chobomaki[Lv. 29]

Backpacker Mikihiro
Baokki[Lv. 31]

Elite Trainer Yu’ichi(Rotation/Triple Battle)
Miruhog[Lv. 32] & Kokoromori[Lv. 32] & Leparudasu[Lv. 32]

Backpacker Tomoko
Chillarmy[Lv. 31]

Pokemon Ranger Shinobu
Kurumayu[Lv. 30], Hiyakki[Lv. 30], Hatohbo[Lv. 30]
-Aspear Berry

Pokemon Ranger Shinya
Yuniran[Lv. 31], Kibago[Lv. 31]
-Aspear Berry

Clown Pat
Emonga[Lv. 30]
Shinporah[Lv. 30]
Clown Shouhei
Shibishirasu[Lv. 29], Koaruhii[Lv. 29], Hatohbo[Lv. 29]

Item: Charge Beam[TM 57], Ultra Ball, PP Up, X-Scissor(TM 81)

Tower of Heaven

Hitomoshi[Lv. 26-29], Riguray[Lv. 26-29]

Pokemon Trainer
Psychic Saiko
Riguray[Lv. 30], Yuniran[Lv. 30], Shinporah[Lv. 30]

Lass Shiho
Shikijika[Lv. 30], Gochimu[Lv. 30]

Fan Club Kenjirou
Emonga[Lv. 30], Haaderia[Lv. 30]

Fan Club Teiko
Kurumayu[Lv. 31]

Psychic Suzune
Musharna[Lv. 32]

Psychic Lynn
Hitomoshi[Lv. 31], Kokoromori[Lv. 31]

Psychic Yuuma
Desumasu[Lv. 31], Gobitto[Lv. 31]

Psychic Reiji
Daburan[Lv. 32]

Nurse Sachiko
Gochimu[Lv. 31], Mamanbou[Lv. 31]

Elite Trainer Suguru
Muurando[Lv. 33]

Elite Trainer Reiko
Kokoromori[Lv. 32], Gochimiru[Lv. 32]

Hyper Potion, Will-O-Wisp(TM 61), Spell Tag, Shadow Claw(TM 65), Revive 

Fukiyose Gym

EVENT Battle

Pokemon Trainers
Miner Cliff
Hatohbo[Lv. 32], Hatohbo[Lv. 32]

Miner Munenori
Koaruhii[Lv. 32], Koromori[Lv. 32]

Police Officer Souichi
Koaruhii[Lv. 32], Shinporah[Lv. 32]

Police Officer Yoshiaki
Kenhorou[Lv. 33]

Miner Tetsuharu
Kokoromori[Lv. 33]
EVENT Battle
Kokoromori[Lv. 33], Kenhorou[Lv. 33], Swanna[Lv. 35]

Recommended Level: 36
NOTE: Easy battle(well for me anyways, XD). Kokoromori likes to setup, if you let it do that too much, you may lose. Kenhorou doesn’t do much. Swanna shouldn’t be much of a threat either.
You receive the Jet Badge. Pokemon up to Level 70 will obey. And you receive Acrobat(TM 62)
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