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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

Here's Part 1 to Chapter 7

@Knuckles: Not if your DSi isn't japanese, XD.


EVENT Battle

Gantoru[Lv. 28-31], Koromori[Lv. 28-31], Kumashun[Lv. 28-31], Dotekkotsu[Lv. 28-31], Moguryu[Lv. 28-31](Mud Geysers only), Fridgio[Lv. 31]

Pokemon Trainers
Hiker Jirou
Gantoru[Lv. 34], Dotekkotsu[Lv. 34]

Hiker Takashi
Koromori[v. 33], Gantoru[Lv. 33], Dotekkotsu[Lv. 33]

Elite Trainer Carol
Vaniricchi[Lv. 35], Gochimiru[Lv. 35], Daburan[Lv. 35]

Karate Girl Makoto
Nageki[Lv. 36]

Miner Motoki
Gantoru[Lv. 34], Doryuuzu[Lv. 34]

Miner Taizou
Kokoromori[Lv. 35]

Miner Rob
Gantoru[Lv. 33], Gantoru[Lv. 33], Gantoru[Lv. 33]

Miner Iwao
Doryuuzu[Lv. 35]

Doctor Hirokazu
Daburan[Lv. 34], Musharna[Lv. 34]
-Heals you anytime

Hiker Noboru
Koromori[Lv. 34], Gantoru[Lv. 34]

Black Belt Teppei
Dageki[Lv. 36]

Miner Richie
Dotekkotsu[Lv. 34], Gantoru[Lv. 34]

Ultra Ball(2x)(Dowsing), Surf(HM 03), Revive, Full Heal, Hyper Potion(Dowsing), Moon Stone, Star Powder(2x, Dowsing), Max Potion, Ether, Nugget, Elixer(Dowsing), PP Up, Flash Cannon(TM 91)

EVENT Battle
Kenhorou[Lv. 33], Leparudasu[Lv. 33], Yanakki/Baokki/Hiyakki[Lv. 33], Janobi/Chaobu/Futachimaru[Lv. 35]

NOTE: When you’re on the cliff(or not inside the cave I should say, XD) should go up first to collect items since it’s a dead end, and do the same on the other end before entering the next cave route. When you reach an area in the cave route that has a fork either leading downstairs or a path that continues right; go right instead so you can get other items and trainers before going down. Very deep level of Ridge has the ice rock that is needed to evolve Eevee into Glaceon. In the same location as the ice rock, you can find Flash Cannon!
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