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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

Originally Posted by Skippy the Great View Post
Happy Days!!!

Ability: Natural Cure
Nature: Bold
IVs: 16 / 1 / 23 / 28 / 26 / 14
Moveset: Flamethrower / Toxic / Protect / WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have that, and yes, I have had it checked out on legit.exe. There were NO FLAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're one of the few people that I will take an exception on this. Anyone else, I shall spare you no mercy for using this thing...

Also note: Did you know that all wifi battles on Pokemon Black/White will show you all your pokemon? A lead doesn't even matter anymore really, you can put your pokemon in any order for Friendly or Random wifi battles. Things could get interesting from now on...

Well, here goes the last part of Chapter 7. I think that I may have to extend the chapters a bit.
@Scuba, Mystery, anyone else that likes the walkthroughs: Do you want me to do a guide for after the Elite 4?

EDIT @ Scuba: Haha, yeah we talked about SD/Explosion earlier, it's going to suck now, XD.

Sekka City

Chobomaki[Lv. 30-32], Maggyo[Lv. 30-32], Gamagaru[Lv. 30-32

PokeMart TMs
Blizzard(TM 14), Thunder(TM 25), Fire Blast(TM 38)

Ultra Ball, Timer Ball, Brick Break(TM 31)

NOTE: The Old lady in PokeCenter will give you Brick Break(TM 31) The old man in PokeCenter next to Nurse Joy will buy your stone-like items for higher pay(2x as much) than the PokeMart. This is insane. If you run in the pond, you will encounter wild pokemon! Run along to hills if you want to avoid a battle. If you leveled(Like me, XD) in the 40s, then you can go face the Gym. There’s nothing else to do here really other than move on. Dragon Spiral Tower is closed off for now.
Dragon Spiral Tower(Grass Area)
Hatohbo[Lv. 29-32], Shikijika[Lv. 29-32], Kojofu[Lv. 29-32], Kurimugan[Lv. 29-32]

NOTE: There’s nothing you can do in this area yet. So might as well head back.
Sekka City Gym

EVENT Battle

Pokemon Trainers
Black Belt Taiki
Kumashun[Lv. 35], Fridgio[Lv. 35], Kumashun[Lv. 35]

Karate Girl Satsuki
Fridgio[Lv. 37]

Black Belt Kensuke
Kumashun[Lv. 37]

Karate Girl Mikiko
Kumashun[Lv. 36], Vaniricchi[Lv. 36]

Karate Girl Hikaru
Vaniricchi[Lv. 36], Vaniricchi[Lv. 36]

Black Belt Tadashi
Vaniricchi[Lv. 36], Kumashun[Lv. 38

EVENT Battle
Vaniricchi[Lv. 37], Fridgio[Lv. 37], Tsunbear[Lv. 39]

Recommended Level: Lv. 42

NOTE: Vaniricchi is easy to take down. Fridgio is bulky from the Special side, and sometimes like to set up reflect(haha, that Brick Break TM will come in handy, XD). Tsunbear is really bulky for some reason. Other than that, this gym should be easy.
When you leave the gym you’ll get see Bell and Cheren, but suddenly get interrupted by some Plasma Ghouls. Something’s up at Dragon Spiral Tower. Let go check it out. Also, before you go, you need a pokemon with Strength to progress.
Dragon Spiral Tower

EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt(4x)

Kurimugan[Lv. 30-33], Kojofu[Lv. 30-33], Gobitto[Lv. 30-33]

Floor 2
Hyper Potion, Star Dust

Floor 3
Shiny Stone

Floor 4
Pokemon Trainers
Plasma Grunt
Miruhog[Lv. 34]

Plasma Grunt
Reparudasu[Lv. 34]

Plasma Grunt
Zuruggu[Lv. 34]

Plasma Grunt
Reparudasu[lv. 33], Reparudasu[Lv. 33]

Plasma Grunt
Miruhog[Lv. 32], Warubiru[Lv. 32], Zuruggu[Lv. 32]

Dragon Fang

Floor 5
Star Piece, Star Dust, Revive

Floor 6
EVENT Battle
Plasma Grunt(4x; no break in between them)

PP Max
Plasma Grunt #1
Miruhog[Lv. 33], Warubiru[Lv. 33]

Plasma Grunt #2
Warubiru[Lv. 34]

Plasma Grunt #3
Yabukuron[Lv. 33], Reparudasu[Lv. 33]

Plasma Grunt #4
Miruhog[Lv. 34]

NOTE: Nothing really…

Floor 7
NOTE: Nothing but plot setting

NOTE: Okay we’re done with Sekka City. But now we have to backtrack and head towards Route 4 and go to the Resort Desert. This Chapter is officially done. CHAPTER 7 CLEAR!
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